Upgrade to Brave Popup Builder PRO

Grow your Your Business ten fold by converting more visitors

  • Unlock 8 more elements to create any kind of popup. 
  • Get 10x More Subscribers with Powerful Optin features.
  • Unlock All Form Features and Autoresponder. 
  • Increase Online Sales with Woocommerce Popups.
  • Grow your blog with relevant content suggestion.
  • Advanced statistics to learn more about your audience.
  • Unlock 100+ more plug & play preset popups.
  • Not Just popups, Create Interactive Content as well.


Upgrade to Brave PRO and

Grow your Business, Blog & Online Store Revenue

Collect 10x more Subscribers & Leads with Powerful Optin Features

  • Let visitors optin with One click with their Social accounts.
  • Auto Send custom emails to users when they subscribe.
  • Let subscribers download pdf files once they subscribe.
  • Conditionally add visitors to different newsletter lists.
  • Tag subscriber based on different conditions.
  • Sync other form fields along with name and email.
  • Prevent singing up with fake, dead & disposable emails.
  • Choose from 30+ high converting optin popup templates.

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Grow your Blog ten fold and bring in more visitors and revenue with Brave

  • Improve Search Engine Ranking by reducing Bounce Rate
  • Keep visitors engaged by suggesting relevant posts.
  • Skyrocket your Newsletter Subscriptions count.
  • Increase your Affiliate revenue.
  • Generate Revenue by serving your own banner ads.
  • Increase Post Shares and grow your followers.

Grow your Business with More leads, clear messages and directing visitors to the right pages

  • Visually create lead gen forms and easily collect Leads.
  • Direct visitors to the Right Page and improve conversion.
  • Display your message Site-wide on special Occasions.
  • Quickly collect User feedback and improve your Business.
  • Get more Clients with easily accessible contact forms.
  • Grow your blog ten-fold by serving relevant content.

The #1 Woocommerce Popup Builder

Increase your Store’s Revenue up to 70% with Woocommerce Popups

  • Automatically Display Latest Arrivals.
  • Sale more by Displaying your Best Sellers.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment with Exit Intent Popups.
  • Upsell by displaying woocommerce upsell products.
  • Earn more with woocommerce cross-sell products.
  • Sale more with countdown timer + Coupons.
  • Quickly collect User feedback and improve your services

Upgrade to Brave PRO and

Unlock Hundreds of Awesome New Features

Create any kind of popups & widgets with Multi Step feature 

With Brave PRO you can create multi step popups and show a custom step when visitors perform a goal. You can also create Yes/No Popups, product brochures, look books and even a whole mini website.

Turn your Form into a Powerhouse by removing Form field limits & Unlocking New Form Features 

  • No Form Field Limits
  • Unlock Date Field, Image Selects & Star Rating Field
  • Create Multi step Surveys
  • Create Feedback Forms
  • Send automated email replies with Autoresponder
  • Send form Data to 2000+ apps through Zapier
  • Track Form Submissions with Google Analytics

Unlock 8 more Elements & create any kinds of Popup you want

  • Video Element: Insert any kind of video with autoplay.
  • Timer Element: Increase conversions with Countdown timer.
  • Social Element: Increase Social share & Followers .
  • Sticker Element: Grab Attention with Animated Stickers.
  • Dynamic Element: For Testimonials, Reviews, Sliders & more.
  • Login Element: Display Signup Form & login Forms.
  • Search Element: Display WordPress Search Forms. 
  • Product Element: Display a Single Woocommerce Product.

Embed Popups Inside Posts & restrict Content to increase your Conversions

With Brave, you can always embed your popups inside your post and lock your best/latest posts halfway and make the rest of the content readable only when the visitor performs the popup goal. 

Unlock Advanced Statistics & learn more about your audience 

Unlock the Brave Analytics to see how many visitors viewed your popups and converted. You can also discover more about the converted visitors location, success rate and on which page they converted and when. 

Sky rocket your Sales and Newsletter Subscriptions with Exit Intent Popups

Unlock all the targeting options along with the Exit Intent feature which usually increases conversion ten fold. On average exit intent popups increase conversion rate by 30-70%

Get Real-time Notification when visitors interact with your Popups

Brave’s native real-time email email notification sends you an email with visitors data as soon as they completes the campaign goal. You can also receive instant push & sms notification with Zapier.

Stop Wasting time turning on/off promos & automate popup visibility with Scheduling feature

Running Occasional Promo for your online store is great, but tracking & maintaining the visibility of your promos can become a tedious chores. With Brave you can automate this whole process by scheduling Popups to appear on either by selected dates or on certain days of the week.

Built in Online Media Library with Millions of Free Images, gifs, Videos and Icons 

No more searching for images, videos and icons all over the internet. Brave has built-in Media Library that is integrated with Pixabay, Giphy, Iconify that lets you import free assets with just one click and saves huge time.

The #1 Interactive Content Builder

Visually Create Anything inside WordPress

With Brave PRO you can easily Create any kind of interactive content like Product Catalog, Restaurant menus, Video/Photo Gallery, Magazine, Lead Capture, Survey & a lot more.

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Other Awesome Premium Features

Create Popup Variations with A/B Testing

Brave PRO lets you convert more by creating multiple variation of your popup and serve them randomly to find what performs best.

Advanced Timeline Animation Editor

You can animate your popups anyway you want with Advanced state of the art animation timeline editor. 

Element Animation Presets

Just like Popup Animations, you can also animate individual element’s open and close animation along with continuous animation. 

Import / Export Popups

With Brave PRO you can also export your popups and import them on any other websites with just a few clicks. 

Save Popup as Preset

If you are creating multiple similar popups, you can save the main popup as preset & import the preset to create similar ones. 

Google Analytics Integration

You can integrate Brave with Google Analytics to send Your Popup’s form submission, click events & goal data to GA. 

Unlock New Targeting, Trigger & Filter options

Page Scroll Trigger

You can display popups only when visitor scroll downs a certain amount of the page.

Form Submission Trigger

With Brave PRO you can display a popup right after the visitor submitted a form.

Woocommerce Filters

You can display your popup only when visitor has any or selected products in their cart. 

Display based on user type

You can display popups only to registered users, visitors or administrators of the site.

Display based on referral

You can display popups based on where your visitors cam from. eg: Google, Fb, Twitter etc.

Display based on other popup

Display popups only when visitors viewed or completed a goal of another popup.

Upgrade to Brave PRO and 

Unlock 100+ high converting popup presets

  • All
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Promo & Sales Popups
  • Contact & Lead Capture
  • Feadback & Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Modals & Notifications
  • Woocommerce Products
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Related Posts
  • WP Login/Signup
  • Social Shares
  • Social Followers
  • Social Chat
  • Reviews & Testimonials
  • Help & FAQs
  • Terms & Policy
  • Video Popups
  • Directions
  • Stories

  • Total Elements
  • Total Presets
  • Woocommerce Popups
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Multistep Campaigns
  • Interactive Content
  • Multistep Form
  • Unlimited Form Fields
  • Millions of Free Assets
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Embed in Posts/Pages
  • Content Locking
  • Advanced Animation
  • Zapier Integration
  • Updates
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