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A/B testing Popups


With Brave Pro you can A/B test you popup by creating multiple variations of each popup and serving them randomly. A/B test is great for optimizing your conversion rate. When you create a new variation of your popup, you can change text, image of the variation or change the design completely to create a whole new popup design. This gives you the ability to serve completely two or more different types of popups (eg: topbar popup or a sidebar popup).

To A/B test your popups in Brave, follow these steps:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Brave Popups.
  2. Click the A/B test icon beside the name of the popup that you want to A/B test.
  3. Then click the “Create New Variation” button.
  4. Give the new variation a name. eg: (My popup variation 2) and click the “Create New Popup Variation” button.
  5.  A new variation will be created.
  6. Open the newly created variation of the popup that appeared under your selected popup and make the necessary changes and save the variation.
  7. You can create as many variations you want.
  8.  After you have created all your custom variations, Click the “Start Test” button
  9. Brave will now display different variations to different visitors and update the conversion and view count.
  10. You can leave this A/B testing for few days to figure out which has the most conversion rate.
  11. Once you have found the one with the most conversion rate, click the “Cup” icon beside the variation to pick it as a Winner.
  12. When you select a Winner, all your popup variations will be removed including the original one except for the Winning popup.


Note: If your original popup has a Click or Form submission set as the popup goal, you will have to re-select the goal elements for each variation.