Brave Advanced Analytics

Brave Advanced Analytics feature saves various data of the visitors who converted. To make sure Brave collects the data properly, you need to first make sure you Campaign has the correct goals set.


To setup advanced tracking, make sure you have set up a popup goal. To Setup a popup goal, open your popup in the editor and click the “Goal” menu from top. And set the “Goal Completes When” option to any of the 3 options.

If you want the Campaign goal to complete when visitor:

  • Views a certain step, select the “Views a Step” option and then select the step below.
  • Clicks a certain elements inside the popup, select “Clicks an element” option and then select the elements by clicking the “Select” button below.
  • Submits a form inside the popup, select “Submits a form” option and then select the form element or the code element by clicking the “Select” button below.

Note: Once you have changed the goal of the campaign, don’t forget to reset the Campaign stats.

Important: Brave does not save converted visitor’s data if the campaign goal is to view the first step. If its set to “Views a Step”, Brave will only collect the data, if the its set to view the second or third step of the campaign.


Brave Analytics Interface

  1. You can switch between Campaigns from this dropdown menu.
  2. Use the Date dropdown menu to change the current analytics date range.
  3. The graph displays all the Views and Conversions for the current date range.
  4. Details of the all visitors/users who completed your Campaign goal for the selected date range.
  5. You can reset the Campaign stats data by clicking this button.