Conditionally Display Form Fields

With Brave PRO you can display form fields based on previous field values. To setup form field to display on condition, follow these steps:

  1. First Open the Form Settings Panel.
  2. Then Open the Field settings option of the field that you want to display on conditions.
  3. Enable the Only Show based on conditions option.
  4. Then create a condition by click the Add Condition button.
  5. A new condition will be created.
  6. In each condition you will have select a previous field and how you want to match them.

    In this screenshot, the current field is setup such a way that it only shows up if the visitor has chosen Communication as the previous field value.

    a. You can check if the previous field is not empty (has value).
    b. You can check if the previous field value is equal to a certain value. You can also insert multiple values by comma separating the values. If the field value matches any of the given values, the condition will be fulfilled.
    c. You can check if the previous field value is not equal to a certain value.
  7. You can add multiple conditions. Each and every condition of your field must be met for it show up.


Example Conditional Field Setup

In this video we will see how we can display a dropdown field based on a previous value of another dropdown field. Our form has a Industry dropdown field that has various industry types. For example: Food & Beverages,  Transportation, Communication etc. Our goal is to find the specific business niche of the visitor if they are in the Food & Beverage Industry. To find out their business niche, we have inserted a Dropdown field that contains food industry niches like Restaurants, Food Processing etc. We want to make sure that this field only shows up if the visitor selects “Food & Beverages” from the industry dropdown list.