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How to embed Inline Popups/Banners in Posts & Pages


With Brave PRO, you can embed popup directly inside your posts, pages and widgets. To embed a popup, follow these steps:

  1.  In Popup Layout Setting, select Embedded . If you have multiple steps and want all the steps to be embedded, you will have to select Embedded layout option for all the steps.
  2. You will be provided a shortcode that looks like this: [bravepop id="736" align="center" lock="false"]
  3. Copy the shortcode and then go to your the post or page edit screen where you want to display the popup and insert the shortcode inside a Shortcode Block 

  4. You can customize the shortcode’s align value. To align the popup to left or right, replace center with right or left .
  5. If you wan to lock the content below you popup so that the content becomes visible only after visitors, completes your popup goal (clicks a button or submits a form), you can replace the lock="false" to lock="true" .


Displaying popups in your sidebar

To display the popup in your sidebar, You can paste the shortcode into a Text Widget. But make sure that the popup width is not bigger than your Sidebar’s width. Usually, you should not make the popup’s width more than 300px , if you want to display the popup in your sidebar.



If you want to lock your content, make sure your popup goal is set to either Click or Form Submission.