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Popup Editor Interface


Brave’s Intuitive Popup can be used by anyone without any prior knowledge as it matches the interface of common design applications like Photoshop and Canva. Please play the video to have an idea of the basic editor interface.

Brave WordPress Popup plugin Interface


  1. Elements Panel: Drag elements like Text, Image, Shapes, Videos, Forms etc from this panel and place them in your Popup Canvas (2)
  2. Popup Canvas: This is where you place your element to create your Popups, stickybars, sidebars etc.
  3. Popup Settings Panel: This area displays your popup’s crucial settings like, size, position, background color etc. When you select an element, this area displays that element’s settings.
  4. Steps Panel: This is where your popup steps are displayed. You can create, duplicate remove steps from this panel.
  5. Device Layout Switcher: This is where you can switch between the builder mode to Mobile or Desktop so that you can create/view separate design for separate devices.
  6. Overlay Preview Button: When this Eye icon is clicked, it displays the background Overlay of the Popup. When you are designing the Popup Overlay, you can turn this one to get real-time feedback.
  7. Settings & Goal Switcher: From this panel you can switch between the design, goal and settings panel.
  8. Preview & Save Panel: From this panel you are able to undo/redo your actions, preview your popups and save your popup.
  9. Footer Panel: From this panel, you can easily access Brave’s Documentation, Advanced Timeline Animation Editor & the Preset Importer.
  10. Back Button: The Brave logo on top left corner of the screen lets you go back to your Popup Lists Interface.