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20 different Plug & Play Visitor Conversion Tools

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User Acquisition Tools

1 Lead Capture Opt-ins HOT

Grow your Subscribers ten-fold with Brave's Advanced optin features like Social Optin, Content Locking, Advanced Email Validation, Custom Field Mapping, Welcome emails, Analytics & more. Learn More

2 Lead Capture Quizzes

Collect leads with Viral quizzes and score your leads based on their results. You can also  redirect visitors to right page or recommend the right products based on visitors quiz result.

3 New User Signup

Let your users login or signup with their Social accounts with just a click and grow your membership sites exponentially. Combine this with Content Locking feature to drive user signups ten-fold.

Lead Capture Opt-ins HOT4 Widgets
Lead Capture Quizzes4 Widgets
New User Signup4 Widgets
Boost your Sales by up to 300%

Sales Growth Tools

1 Sales Popups & Slide-ins

Grow your sales revenue by 300% with High converting Sales Popups and Stickybars. You can use Brave’s Evergreen countdown timer which always starts the countdown for each visitor as soon as they enter the website which creates FOMO (Fear of missing out) effect and increases the chance of that visitor purchasing by 10x.

2 Woocommerce Up-sell & Cross-sell

Brave's Woocommerce Popups and widgets can be used to up-sell or cross-sell products to your customers which can lead to 2x revenue increase which otherwise would been lost. You can also promote certain products to visitor based on their cart.

3 Cart Abandonment Popups

Automatically recover lost sales by offering visitors limited time coupon when a visitor add products to their cart and tries to leave your website. If you are allowing visitors to purchase without registering, this is a must have feature for all e-commerce websites.

4 Reviews & Testimonials Widgets

Increase your conversion rate by displaying your best customer reviews or testimonials and see your sales grow. Combine Brave's Testimonial Elements with Lead Capture and Sales Widgets to drive conversion through the roof.

Sales Popups & Slide-ins4 Widgets
Woocommerce Up-sell & Cross-sell4 Widgets
Cart Abandonment Popups4 Widgets
Reviews & Testimonials Widgets4 Widgets
Connect with your Visitors

Visitor Engagement Tools

1 Survey & Feedback Widgets

Collecting Feedback should not be a daunting process. Brave’s Advanced Multi step Survey widgets can be displayed to the right users at the right time with advanced targeting which will help you collect more feedback. You can improve your business and user satisfaction on auto pilot.

2 Contact Widgets

Make reaching out to you more accessible. Display Eye catching Contact widgets and get more leads to reach out to you. Comes with Built-in Auto responder, CRM integrations and form submission save feature.

3 Social Chat Initiators

Brave's Social chat windows increase more chat initiation than a plain "chat with me" button. With the Social chat widgets you can display custom message based on current page to get more conversions started with visitors and in turn get more sales and revenue.

Survey & Feedback Widgets4 Widgets
Contact Widgets4 Widgets
Social Chat Initiators4 Widgets
Grow your Blog ten-fold

Blog Growth Tools

1 Relevant Blog Post Widgets

Display Related Posts, Latest Posts to get more post views and convert random visitors to loyal readers. You can also combine the Exit Intent technology and significantly reduce your website bounce rate and in turn, improve your Search Engine rankings.

2 Custom Banner Ads

Create Eye catching animated banner ads with Brave Super Advanced and Intuitive Visual Editor and place it anywhere on your site and see your affiliate revenues soar. You can also see how many visitors clicked each day Brave’s Advanced Analytics and increase the conversion rate with Brave’s A/B Testing feature.

3 Welcome Widgets

With Brave’s Welcome widgets you can greet visitors with your best performing blog posts or direct them to right page and see your affiliate earnings grow.

Relevant Blog Post Widgets4 Widgets
Custom Banner Ads4 Widgets
Welcome Widgets4 Widgets
Auto Grow your Social Presence

Social Growth Tools

1 Social Follow Widgets

Having a tough time growing your social presence? Use Brave’s Social Follow widgets and grow your social followers on auto pilot. Combine this with Dynamic Text feature to call your members to like/follow you for greater conversion rate.

2 Social Share Widgets

Ditch your Page load heavy social share tools and replace it with Brave’s lightweight social share widgets with greater customizability.

Social Follow Widgets4 Widgets
Social Share Widgets4 Widgets
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Care Tools

1 FAQs & Mini Documentations

Publish a FAQ widget with your most asked questions or a Mini Documentation panel with necessary instructions and see your support requests drop significantly while improving customer satisfaction.

2 Video Popup & Widgets

Display mini video tutorials to help existing customers while creating product / service awareness in new visitors.

FAQs & Mini Documentations4 Widgets
Video Popup & Widgets4 Widgets
Managing your website made easier

Website Management Tools

1 Popups & Notifications

Create any kind of Popups and Notifications within minutes with Brave’s Advanced Visual Editor and trigger them with various targeting and trigger options.

2 Terms & Policy Popups

Made a change to your terms or privacy policies? Let users know by publishing Beautiful Terms and Policy Popups and display them on specific page or on button clicks and avoid legal various issues.

3 Cookie Consents

Ditch 3rd party cookie consent popups and replace it with Brave’s Flexible cookie consent popups and reduce page load time.

Popups & Notifications4 Widgets
Terms & Policy Popups4 Widgets
Cookie Consents4 Widgets

Can’t Find the Tool you need for your site?
Create Your Own Custom Widgets & Popups in minutes with Powerful Drag & Drop Editor

Connect to 50+ Services with Brave’s Native Integration

Automate Everything with Integrations

Advanced Visitor Targeting

Convert More by Displaying the Right Widgets to the Right Visitor

Who to Show the Campaign

  • Visiting a certain Page
  • Came from a Certain Domain
  • Came form a certain Country/City
  • A Registered User
  • Administrators Only
  • Visiting with Mobile/Desktop
  • Viewed a Page before
  • Purchased x product or has it in cart
  • From Certain country
  • Complete another Campaign

When to Show the Campaign

  • On Page Load
  • When User tries to Exit the page
  • On Scrolling a certain percent
  • On Clicking an Element in the page
  • On Submitting a Form
  • After x seconds

How Often to Show the Campaign

  • Only x times
  • Do not show after submitting a form
  • Do not show after x days
  • Do not show after timer finishes
  • Do not show again when closed

Super Detailed Conversion Tracking
Track Campaign Views, Conversions and Conversion % Real-time

Brave tracks the conversions and view count real-time that you can view anytime within the dashboard and find out which campaign is performing the best or worse and tweak them accordingly.

Users Love Brave at First Sight. Loved by 20,000+ Business

  • Best software for popups and even lead collection on the market. Almost instant support, couldn't be happier with this plugin!
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    This plugin is professional with many useable features for a free plugin. Very intuitive to use.
    CaraCaraWordPress User
    Hands down, the absolute BEST support & plugin! The plugin is just too awesome. I am such a fan!
    Shayne ThomasShayne ThomasWeb Designer
  • I am pleasantly surprised! It took me 30 minutes to figure out the free version.
    Leyako Leyako Online Store Owner
    The editor is awesome. Very smart and smooth. Mad respect.
    Dymytrii Ishchuk Dymytrii Ishchuk Web Developer
    It is remarkable the amount of work that the plugin authors might have had to come up with such an efficient, intuitive and clear tool.
    Mateus Machado Luna Mateus Machado Luna WordPress User
  • So we took their plugin to a whole different level in the approach to web designing, based on a client’s request we recently had.
    Dale HardyDale HardyWeb Agency owner
    I have used every popup plugin in the market. This one is the best, with least hassle and without any bugs! Excellent!
    Mike HanlonMike HanlonWordPress Developer
    Excellent support for an excellent plugin! Their support team was excellent and very thorough in trying to help solve the issue.
    SianSianWeb Design Lead
  • The BEST of them all! The admin-interface is very user friendly and can be built and customized in many ways.
    Jens Brogaard Jens Brogaard Product Manager
    I am thrilled with the plugin. The functions are great. Has the best support. Got very quick answer and help.
    Natalija KaranNatalija KaranPhotographer
    Great plugin! Does exactly what’s promised with no hidden traps & has excellent support.
    Jakub MachalaJakub MachalaProject Manager

The all in one visitor conversion tool to drive more sales & Revenue

Convert More Visitors with Brave’s Affordable Fixed Pricing

Basic Features

  • Can be used on
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Conversion Widgets
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Multi-step Campaign
  • Multi-step Form Builder
  • A/B Testing
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Advanced Campaign Analytics
  • Advanced Animation Builder
  • Built-in Asset Library
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Real Time Notification
  • 40+ EMS & CRM Integrations
  • Zapier/Integromat Integration

Form Features

  • Unlimited Form Fields
  • Field Types
  • Multi Step Forms
  • Auto Responder
  • Get Submissions sent to email
  • Save Submission Locally
  • Show different message based on Submission
  • Redirect to different page based on Submission
  • Track Submissions with GA & FB Pixels
  • Send Submission Data to 1k+ Apps
  • reCaptcha Integration

Lead Generation Features

  • Lead Generation Boosters
  • Lead Generation Automation
  • Deep EMS/CRM Integration
  • Save Leads Locally
  • Send Leads data to 2k+ Apps
  • Prevent Fake email Signups

Quiz Features

  • Create Multi-step Quizzes
  • Redirect to different pages based on result
  • Send Quiz Result to Visitor's Email
  • Collect Leads with Quizzes

Surveys & Feedback

  • Create Multi-step Feedback & Surveys
  • Save Feedbacks in Database
  • Auto send Thank You Email

Sales & Woocommerce

  • Promotional Popups
  • Promotional Sticky bars
  • Evergreen Countdown Timers
  • Latest & Best Selling Products
  • Up-sell products
  • Cross-sell products
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Advanced Woocommerce Targeting

Social Features

  • Social Sign-up & Login
  • Social Share
  • Social Chat
  • Social Follow
  • Social Opt-in

User Signup/Login Features

  • Social Signup/ Login
  • Send Custom Welcome email
  • Default Signup Role
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