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Having a hard time generating leads from your website? Let Brave automatically increase your lead capture rate by ten-fold with powerful lead capture features.


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Boost Lead capture rate by upto 700%

Lead Capture Boosters

1 Let visitors Signup without typing in their Email

With Brave you can let your visitors optin to your Newsletter with 1 click with Facebook, LinkedIn & Google. Grow subscription by letting visitors optin effortlessly.

  • 1 Click Optin, no typing required on visitors end.
  • Collect Verified name and email from their social account.
  • Get More leads with Facebook Ads + Facebook Optin.

2 Collect Leads with Viral Quizzes

Create Engaging Quizzes that visitors get excited to participate in. Set Quiz points for each form fields and generate different messages based on visitor score. Quizzes are great way to get more information about your leads while making the lead collection process fun for visitors.

3 Lock Content & Boost Conversion

Grow your Lead capture rate ten-fold by locking your posts and only making them accessible once the visitors sign up. You can also create multi step campaigns and insert a valuable content in the second step of the campaign and take them to that step once they sign up.

4 Get More Leads with Exit-Intent Popups

Exit Intent Popups has been show to increases sign up rate by up to 1300%. With Exit Intent feature and PDF download feature you can tremendously grow your lists. 

5 A/B Test & Increase Conversion Rate

A/B test is a hidden gem that help you get more conversions by different variations of your optin forms with different text and image to different visitors. You will find that a simple change can have significant effect on your conversion rate. 

Save Subscribers Locally in WordPress

  • Collect Leads without any Email Marketing Services (EMS).
  • Save Subscribers locally alongside saving them to your EMS.
  • No need to depend on your EMS to access subscriber’s data.
  • Automatically creates a Backup copy of your Subscribers.
  • Save additional user data that your can’t save in your EMS.
  • Export Subscribers as CSV file anytime you want.



Save time by automating tedious tasks

Built-in Automation

1 Send Personalized Welcome Email

With Brave you can send automated personalized welcome message when visitors subscribe to your list. Increase visitor’s lifetime email open rate by making a first great impression with a personalized welcome email.

2 Let Visitors download your PDF

If you are offering free ebooks to your visitors to increase your subscriptions, you can use Brave to let visitors download any file once they subscribe with following methods:

  • Auto download a file on visitors end.
  • or Show a custom message that contains the link/button.
  • or auto send an email that contains your download link.

3 Get Real-time Email Notification

With Brave you can get real-time email notification as soon as Brave captures a lead. You can also integrate Zapier and Integromat and receive real-time SMS or push notifications.

4 Send leads to 2k+ Apps

Send Leads data to thousands of third party apps like Google Sheets, slack, Hunter, Airtable, or hundreds of CRM with Zapier or Integromat and automate or enrich your leads. 

Prevent Fake and Disposable email signups with Advanced Email Validation Engine 

  • Prevent Signups with made up emails. 
  • Prevent Signups up with disposable emails.
  • Show suggestion for common email domain typos.
  • Prevent bot submissions with Google recaptcha.
  • Integrate 3rd party email validation service.


Not just visitor’s Name & Email, collect other data as well

With Brave you can build any kind of forms and map each form field to your ESP’s custom fields and send the visitor submitted data to your ESP along with their name & email.  

  • Map Custom Form Fields with your ESP’s Custom fields.
  • Add custom tags to subscribers.
  • Apply tags based on their form field selection.

Track Campaign Views, Conversions and Conversion % Real-time

Brave tracks the conversions and view count real-time that you can view anytime within the Advanced Analytics dashboard. 

  • Know your subscribers location & Device.
  • Learn Which page they subscribed from.
  • How many times visitors viewed the form before subscribing (Success Rate).


Add visitors to different lists based on their submissions

You can add various fields in your form and add visitors to different newsletter list based on their selected form field values, browser cookies, quiz score and registration status. You can also tag visitors based on these conditions.

Various Campaign Layout Options

Create any Kind of Lead Generation Campaigns

Slide Ins


Multi Step Optin

Sticky Bars

Inline Optin Forms

Content Lockers

Floating Sidebars


inline Widgets

Visually Design Custom Campaigns with

Drag & Drop Visual Editor

Brave’s Advanced Visual Editor comes with 20 different elements that can be used any kind of high converting lead generation campaigns.

  • 20 different elements like, text, image, stickers, forms etc.
  • Search & Insert Image, video, gifs from built-in Library. 
  • Create different layouts for Desktop and Mobile.
  • Apply preset Animations or create one with Advanced Animation Editor.

Super Advanced Visitor Targeting

Collect More Leads by Serving the Targeted Optins

Who to Show the Campaign

  • Visiting a certain Page
  • Came from a Certain Domain
  • Came form a certain Country/City
  • A Registered User
  • Administrators Only
  • Visiting with Mobile/Desktop
  • Viewed a Page before
  • From Certain country
  • Complete another Campaign

When to Show the Campaign

  • On Page Load
  • When User tries to Exit the page
  • On Scrolling a certain percent
  • On Clicking an Element in the page
  • On Submitting a Form
  • After x seconds

How Often to Show the Campaign

  • Only x times
  • Do not show after submitting a form
  • Do not show after x days
  • Do not show after timer finishes
  • Do not show again when closed

40+ Native EMS/CRM Integrations

1 Click Integration with your EMS

Design from Scratch or Start with

40+ Ready Made High converting Optin templates

  • All
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Promo & Sales Popups
  • Contact & Lead Capture
  • Feadback & Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Modals & Notifications
  • Woocommerce Products
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Related Posts
  • WP Login/Signup
  • Social Shares
  • Social Followers
  • Social Chat
  • Reviews & Testimonials
  • Help & FAQs
  • Terms & Policy
  • Video Popups
  • Directions
  • Stories
  • Ad Block Detectors

Loved by 15000+ Entrepreneurs, Marketers & Businesses

The admin-interface is very user friendly and can be built and customized in many ways. I really hope they get many more users since I’ve tried many and this one is just the best. In short, my highest recommendations.

Jens Brogaard
Product Manager
DXC Technology

I am thrilled with the plugin. The functions are great. Their support is the best. You will always get a very quick answer.



Natalija Karan
Natalija Karan Photography

I read about Brave Popup Builder, and decided to try it. Oh sigh…I have finally found the perfect popup plugin! Brave Popup Builder comes with its own builder. You really should give Brave Popups a try. 

Melissa Lunsford
The Bark Academy

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Basic Features

  • Can be used on
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Conversion Widgets
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Multi-step Campaign
  • Multi-step Form Builder
  • A/B Testing
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Advanced Campaign Analytics
  • Advanced Animation Builder
  • Built-in Asset Library
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Real Time Notification
  • 40+ EMS & CRM Integrations
  • Zapier/Integromat Integration

Form Features

  • Unlimited Form Fields
  • Field Types
  • Multi Step Forms
  • Auto Responder
  • Get Submissions sent to email
  • Save Submission Locally
  • Show different message based on Submission
  • Redirect to different page based on Submission
  • Track Submissions with GA & FB Pixels
  • Send Submission Data to 1k+ Apps
  • reCaptcha Integration

Lead Generation Features

  • Lead Generation Boosters
  • Lead Generation Automation
  • Deep EMS/CRM Integration
  • Save Leads Locally
  • Send Leads data to 2k+ Apps
  • Prevent Fake email Signups

Quiz Features

  • Create Multi-step Quizzes
  • Redirect to different pages based on result
  • Send Quiz Result to Visitor's Email
  • Collect Leads with Quizzes

Surveys & Feedback

  • Create Multi-step Feedback & Surveys
  • Save Feedbacks in Database
  • Auto send Thank You Email

Sales & Woocommerce

  • Promotional Popups
  • Promotional Sticky bars
  • Evergreen Countdown Timers
  • Latest & Best Selling Products
  • Up-sell products
  • Cross-sell products
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Advanced Woocommerce Targeting

Social Features

  • Social Sign-up & Login
  • Social Share
  • Social Chat
  • Social Follow
  • Social Opt-in

User Signup/Login Features

  • Social Signup/ Login
  • Send Custom Welcome email
  • Default Signup Role
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