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  • Improve Search Engine Ranking by reducing Bounce Rate
  • Keep visitors engaged by suggesting relevant posts.
  • Skyrocket your Newsletter Subscriptions count.
  • Increase your Affiliate revenue.
  • Generate Revenue by serving your own banner ads.
  • Increase Post Shares and grow your followers.


Reduce bounce rate with Exit Intent Popups

Struggling with a High bounce rate? Visitors from Google and Social Media leaving right after reading the article? With our Exit Intent Popups, you can serve your Best Posts right when the users are trying to leave to prevent them from bouncing. This in turn also increases your Search engine rankings.

Generate More Post views by suggesting Related, Popular & Latest Posts

Keep visitors engaged with related content and increase post views and in turn reducing your blog’s bounce rate. Apart from related posts, you can also display Popular posts, latest posts, and even certain selected posts.

Easily Convert More Visitors to Newsletter Subscribers

  • Ditch Generic Optin Forms & visually create your own.
  • Connect your Optins to Mailchimp, Hubspot & 15 more.
  • Auto Send custom emails to users when they subscribe.
  • Let subscribers download pdf files once they subscribe.
  • Avoid showing same Optin Popup after visitors subscribe.
  • Choose from 20+ high converting optin popup templates.
  • Get instant email notification when visitors subscribe.

Leave a great impression on visitors with Automated Stories

With Brave, you can aromatically create Instagram like stories on your site that consists of your Latest, Popular, or your selected blog posts. These unique Instagram like stories wows users & can make your blog talk of the town.

Embed Popups Inside Posts & restrict Content to increase your Newsletter subscriptions by x10

With Brave, you can always embed your popups inside your post and lock your best/latest posts halfway and make the rest of the content readable only once the visitor subscribes. 

Increase your affiliate revenue with efficient promo popups, Sticky bar & countdown timer

Up your Affiliate game by display your Affiliate’s product offer with Stickybars, floating banners, inside posts, and see your income rise. You can also track whether your visitors like your offer by tracking the conversion count.

Generate Extra revenue by creating & serving your own custom Banner Ads with Real-time tracking

Since Brave is a full-fledged visual editor, you can create banner ads just like you would in a Photoshop / Gimp and place them anywhere on your site and track the view count and conversion count.

Increase Post Shares and grow your followers with Social popups

With Brave, you can easily create Social Share Popups that let visitors share your posts without installing any extra plugin. You can also create Social Bookmark Popups with your social account links to grow your followers.

Increase Your YouTube Video Views with Video Popups

Brave lets you create video popups that lets you embed YouTube/Vimeo and custom videos that you can embed in your popup to autoplay on page load to increase your Youtube video views and encourage visitors to become YouTube subscribers.

Start from Scratch or with

Ready Made Conversion focused Popups for your Blog

  • All
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Promo & Sales Popups
  • Contact & Lead Capture
  • Feadback & Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Modals & Notifications
  • Woocommerce Products
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Related Posts
  • WP Login/Signup
  • Social Shares
  • Social Followers
  • Social Chat
  • Reviews & Testimonials
  • Help & FAQs
  • Terms & Policy
  • Video Popups
  • Directions
  • Stories
  • Ad Block Detectors

Take your Inbound Marketing Skill to Next Level with Brave


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