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Brave's pre-built Widgets & Popups Library

Welcome to Brave Presets Library. Click on the images below to see the live version of each popup and widgets.

Promo & Sales Popups

Display Promotional Popups or Stickybars with Countdown timers to increase your sales.

Contact & Lead Capture

Get leads with Advanced multi-step forms or with Contact forms.


Collect leads, redirect visitors to right page or recommend the right products with Quizzes.

Modals & Notifications

Show Notifications or Modals with your message that can be triggered anyway you want.

Woocommerce Products Widgets

Boost your Woocommerce store revenue with Upsell, Cross-sell and related Woocommerce Products.

Cart Abandonment Popups

Reduce cart Abandonment with Exit Intent Popups and Countdown timers & get back lost revenue.

Related Posts

Display Related Posts to visitors and reduce bounce rates and increase page views and ad revenue.

WP Login/Signup Popups

Let your users login or signup with their Social accounts with just a click and grow your membership sites exponentially.

Social Chat Boxes

Display WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Chat box with custom messages and initiate more conversations with your visitors.

Reviews & Testimonials Widgets

Boost Your Sales and conversions by showcasing your the best reviews of your service and products.

Help & FAQs

Reduce customer support tickets with Advanced Faqs widgets and Help Doc Sidebar that improves user experience.

Terms & Policy Modals

Display your Site's Terms & Policies with Customizable Modals.

Video Popups

Embed Youtube, Vimeo & Custom Videos and control them anyway you want with Brave's Advanced Integration.

Directional/Welcome Widgets

Direct visitors to the right page to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions.

Instagram Like Stories

Create Instagram like stories with your Custom design or from your blog posts or Woocommerce products.

Ad Block Detectors

Prevent Visitors from accessing your site if they are using Ad Blockers.

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