8 Effective ways to Boost Email Signups

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Email signups from your website are one of the most effective ways to capture and convert cold leads to clients or customers. It allows you to reach out to potential customers at their convenience. However, getting visitors’ emails isn’t always straightforward. Most people are reluctant on giving out their email addresses to an unknown company that can spam them with their offer. To get visitors to submit their email, you must have an effective email signup strategy and provide excellent value in return.

There are several ways to boost your email signups. In this article, I will share with you the best methods to increase your email signups.

Basic Strategies to increase your Email signups:

  1. Create a great looking signup form that captures attention 
  2. Effective Placement of your signup form
  3. Making an offer they can’t refuse
  4. Making the right offer to the right audience

Advanced strategies to quadruple your Email signups:

  1. Collecting leads with viral quizzes
  2. Getting More signups with Exit Intent Popups
  3. Lock Content to Boost signups
  4. Scarcity Marketing: Putting a time limit on your offer
  5. Let visitors signup without their Email address

Basic Strategies to increase your Email signups:

Although setting up an email signup form seems pretty straightforward, but I assure you, it can get difficult based on your niche. These are some of the basic strategies that you should always follow regardless of your niche or plan:

1. Create a great looking signup form that captures attention 

When it comes to designing a signup form popup, most people just use the default signup form templates that come with their email service providers. This often leads to bland signup forms that most visitors ignore, which in turn plummets the conversion rate.

If you are using WordPress, you can use Brave Conversion Engine to easily create beautifully designed signup form popups with just a few clicks.

  1. Just go to Plugins > Add New, and search for Brave and install the Brave plugin.
  2. Then go to Brave > All Campaigns and start with hundreds of prebuilt templates that you can use to build high-converting email signup forms.
  3. Customize the optin template to your needs.
  4. Integrate your Email Service provides(Mailchimp, MailerLite, etc.) with one click from the Integrations Section.
  5. Finally set where the optin popup should be shown and publish the popup.

2. Effective Placement of your signup form

No matter how great your offer is, if visitors cannot see your newsletter signup form or ignores it, you won’t be able to increase your signups. You should always make sure your they are in a visible and prominent location. As more and more businesses started realizing that capturing visitors’ email addresses is a powerful way to connect to potential customers, most started to place newsletter forms on their websites. As a result, most visitors are getting used to them and starting to ignore them by default. There are various ways to overcome this and grab visitors’ attention.

  • Use a fullscreen popup or slide-in popup to display the signup form so that it’s always visible even when the visitor is scrolling the page.
  • Add animation to your newsletter signup form to grab the attention of the visitor.
  • Make sure your newsletter form design stands out from the rest of the page.
  • Be sure you are not using the generic signup form templates that your email service provider supplies you with.

3. Make an Offer they can’t refuse

Most businesses make the mistake of asking visitors to subscribe to their newsletter right away by submitting their email addresses. This almost always gives you a very poor conversion rate. Nowadays most people are very concerned about their privacy and are very reluctant to hand out their email addresses to businesses. To get a visitors’ email address and to boost your newsletter signup rate, you will have to work for it. You will have to provide your visitors with an upfront value in return for their email addresses. There are various ways to provide value to your visitors

a. Guide/report

Guide and Reports are still one of the best materials you can offer visitors in return for their email addresses. If you have expertise in your niche it shouldn’t take long to create a guide or report for your niche. For example, if you are selling a course in B2B sales, you can write a short guide on acquiring new b2b leads and offer that to your visitors to boost the conversion rate of your email signups. If you don’t have the time to write a report on your own, you can hire a freelance writer from fiverr to write it for you. If you already run a blog where you write about your niche, you can also create a mini-guide by compiling some of your existing blog posts.

b. Toolkit/resource list

Toolkits and resource list is a great way to entice visitors to signup to your newsletter. All you have to do is create a short resource list(a pdf or doc file) that contains various tools, their links, and description in one place that might aid your visitors.

c. Video training/Webinar

Webinars are great for educating and increasing the revenue of your business. You can create an insightful or training video that upsells your service or product.  The best way to convert visitors with this type of strategy is to first find out your potential customers/client’s pain points and provide a solution for those.

d. Free trial

If you are running software or a saas business, you can boost your email signups tenfold by giving your visitors a free trial. After getting their email address, you can simply convert them with sequential email campaigns that educate users about your software.

e. Discounts

Providing discounts in return for visitors’ emails is great for e-commerce and saas niche. It’s a win-win for everybody. They get your products for less and, you get both sales and their email address that you can use to upsell other products.

4. Making the right offer to the right audience

No matter how enticing your offer is, if you are not showing your signup form to the right audience at the right time, you are losing out on potential leads. 

If you offer different services or your service or product solves multiple pain points, you may have several landing pages for your services/products. The best way to convert visitors is to displaying signup forms with unique copies for each page. For example, if a visitor lands on “Service A” of your site, and another visitor enters through the “Service B” page, instead of showing both of them the same offer, you should serve a different offer specific to that service.

Advanced strategies to quadruple your Email signups:

Although the basic strategies make sure you have set up your signup form correctly and improve your signup rate, they are no magic bullet. There are various ways serious marketers nowadays are boosting their email signups.

5. Getting More signups with Exit Intent Popups

One of the most effective ways to boost your email signups is to show exit-intent popups. This type of popup is displayed when the visitor tries to leave your website. Along with exit-intent popups with a great offer, this tactic leads to a 200% to 400% increase in email signups for most businesses. Exit Intent popup is also a very powerful tool for reducing cart abandonment in e-commerce websites.

Here is an example of how an Exit-Intent popup works:

6. Collecting leads with viral Quizzes and Assessments

Quizzes can be n powerful lead generation tool for certain industries. You can make fun quizzes that are both entertaining and solve a certain issue a visitor is having. For example, let’s say you are offering high ticket courses to business leaders to boost their sales and revenue. You can create a fun quiz that will let them test their knowledge about leadership. the result of the quiz will only be sent to the email address that they must provide. This way, not only do you get the visitor’s email, but you also get the user persona,

Another example could be, if you are selling high ticket products like houses or cars, you can create an assessment form that will let visitors understand what type of product will be best for them. The result can be sent to the email address that you will collect through the form. This kind of tactic can also help you offer products based on your lead’s persona. 

7. Lock Content to Boost signups

If you have a blog and have written an insightful article that may help people in your niche, you can easily leverage it to boost your email signups ten-fold. You can simply let visitors preview half, or a portion of the article and only allow them to access the rest once they have subscribed to your newsletter.

email signup boost with content locking

To create a content restriction campaign in Brave, simply follow these steps:

  •  Create a Content campaign from Brave > All Campaigns.
  • You can either start from scratch or use an existing template.
  • Insert a lead capture form and design the campaign to your needs.
  • Go to the Settings screen and enable the “Lock Content Below & Only Show When Goal is Completed” option.
  • Finally, insert the campaign shortcode into your article. It’s better to insert the shortcode in the middle of the page so that the first half of the article is readable but not the rest of it.

8. Scarcity Marketing: Putting a time limit on your offer

Capitalizing on fear of missing out (FOMO) can greatly aid you in boosting your signup conversion. You can stick a time limit to your offer so that urgency is created in visitors’ minds and urge them to signup for your offer. An exceptional offer with a countdown timer is what you need for this process to succeed. This tactic works best if you are offering an ebook, digital goods, or webinar registration.

9. Let visitors signup without their Email

Without their email address? how can you connect with them then? Don’t worry, you will get their email address but without them having to type in their email address. This method works because they can just signup to your email list with just a click. Most people do not subscribe to email lists because of their privacy concerns but because they have to type in stuff. Which can be a very cumbersome experience on mobile devices. With Brave, you can let visitors signup to your email list with their Facebook, Google, or Linkedin accounts. They just click the “Subscribe with X” button and voila, their email address is grabbed from the social account they are subscribed.

Want to easily apply all these Email signup boost tricks on your site?

You can install Brave Conversion Engine and dramatically increase the email signups rate of your website.

Wrap up

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses to grow regardless of the niche. The first step to starting the email marketing process is to have an eye-catching signup form with a solid offer placed on your website.  Brave’s intuitive interface and pre-built conversion-focused lead capture templates can take your email signup rate to the next level. With Brave, you can easily follow the basic and the advanced tactics listed here to create a high-performing lead capture machine to boost your email signups.

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