Brave PRO Changelog

= 0.7.0 – 11 Jun 2024. =
* Added: Ability to target both UTM Keys and values.
* Added: Ability to append current URL parameters to the form redirect URL.
* Fixed: Updated Twitter social share icon to the new one.
* Fixed: XSS Security vulnerability (Medium severity).


= 0.6.9 – 04 Jun 2024. =
* Added: Ability to exclude Custom Posts.
* Fixed: XSS Security vulnerability (Medium severity).

= 0.6.8 – 21 Apr 2024. =
* Added: WeGlot Integration.
* Added: Ability to set Current Page/Post title as Hidden form value.
* Fixed: Embedded Content Auto Placement after 3rd paragraph option was not working

= 0.6.7 – 12 Mar 2024. =
* Added: Ability to Add contact to Getresponse Autoresponder.
* Added: Ability to delay the appearance of the close button.
* Fixed: Product Elements weren’t respecting the Woocommerce Tax price display setting.
* Fixed: The Disable IP address option in Analytics was not working in some cases.

= 0.6.6 – 21 Feb 2024. =
* Added: Ability to hide campaigns based on UTM keywords.
* Fixed: A few PHP deprecation errors.
* Fixed: SSFR vulnerability.
* Fixed: WPML Translated Woocommerce Products were not being listed in the Products Element Settings.

= 0.6.5 – 08 Jan 2024. =
* Added: Option to take users to another step when a Coupon is applied.
* Added: Ability to Auto close popup when a button with a URL is clicked.
* Fixed: Google Analytics Event Integration was broken.
* Fixed: Coupon Apply Action and Google Analytics Send Event don’t work together.
* Fixed: Sometimes the Submissions page does not load the Submissions.
* Fixed: Custom Webhook Sample Data Send Failed in some cases.

= 0.6.4 – 19 Dec 2023. =
* Fixed: XSS vulnerability in List Element.
* Fixed: Text Elements Crashed when it had emojis in them.
* Fixed: Countdown Element took a little longer to start.
* Fixed: Hide Campaign on Countdown Ended option was not working.
* Fixed: Sometimes the Submissions page does not load the Submissions.
* Fixed: Scroll Trigger & Ajax Loading feature was not working together.

= 0.6.3 – 13 Nov 2023. =
* Added: Updated Klaviyo Integration. Please make sure you add Your Klaviyo Site ID in the Brave Integrations section.
* Fixed: XSS vulnerability in Text Element.
* Fixed: Embedded Content Locker Stopped working.
* Fixed: Countdown Element stopped working.
* Fixed: Renamed SendinBlue to their new name Brevo.

= 0.6.2 – 12 Oct 2023. =
* Added: New Settings Page. Go to Brave > Settings to access global settings.
* Fixed: Conflict with Flatsome theme finally fixed!
* Fixed: Zapier’s Sample Data send function was broken.
* Fixed: Form Submission Redirect URL sometimes fails.
* Fixed: Ability to move shortcode’s inline scripts to the footer with inline_assets attribute.

= 0.6.1 – 20 Apr 2023. =
* Added: OmniSend Integration.
* Added: Upgraded Mailerlite Integration with version 2.
* Added: Webhook/Zapier now also sends the current page link.
* Added: Ability to delay campaign frequency to upto 2 hours.
* Added: Ability to change text/button element rel type to sponsored/ugc/nofollow.
* Fixed: Dynamic values in Form Conditional Redirect urls were not working.
* Fixed: Form Button Alignment was not working.
* Fixed: Hubspot Multi Checkbox field data was not being sent.
* Fixed: From Submission Custom Message were showing unwanted scrollbar.
* Fixed: Image Element’s Hover Change Image option was not working.

= 0.6.0 – 14 Jan 2023. =
* Added: Ability to pass current language with hidden Form field.
* Fixed: Form Scrollbar was not showing up.
* Fixed: Fatal Error in Author pages.
* Fixed: After unlocking Content Locker, it did not disapear on subsequent visits.
* Fixed: Multi Select form fields data were not sent over ESPs as custom data properly.
* Fixed: Hubspot Integration was not working.
* Fixed: Creating New Campaign with Presets caused a infinite loop.
* Fixed: When a Popup’s abtest children were removed, it couldn’t be removed.
* Fixed: Google Social Login was Broken. Implemented the New Google Client Login API.
* Fixed: When Campaign is set to show on page that was set as Posts Page from Settings > Reading, it didnt work.
* Fixed: Webhook submissions sometimes failed or got stuck.

= 0.5.9 – 20 Sep 2022. =
* Added: Hubspot Migration from API to Private Apps. Please Reintegrate Hubspot from Brave Integration page following the latest documentation.
* Added: Mobile Layout: Option to Auto Sync Element Settings from the Desktop Layout on Save. Please Check the Responsive Documentation.
* Added: Forms can now be resubmitted again without page refresh.
* Fixed: Hide Controls for Youtube Videos were not working.
* Fixed: Countdown Timer was broken.
* Fixed: Dynamic Element Slider Links were not working.
* Fixed: Contacts added to FluentCRM has same lastname as the firstname.
* Fixed: When a form element is copied or duplicated, its conditional display rules, and newsletter settings options were not copied over.
* Fixed: Image radio button by default were set to the first image.
* Fixed: If a Form Step has a lot of fields and its height is more than the container, the scrollbar does not show up.
* Fixed: Multi-Step Form Conditional Logic was not working properly on clicking the step back button.

= 0.5.8 – 25 July 2022. =
* Added: Allow placing popups in Single Custom Post type pages.
* Added: Form condition shortcode. Display content based on form field values in auto reply emails & form submission success content.
* Added: Option to Add a Skip Step button in Multi Step forms.
* Added: 30, 40, 60 percentage option in Scroll Trigger option.
* Added: Woocommerce Thank You Page in Placement > Selected Pages section.
* Added: Allow Hiding campaign if another embedded content is present.
* Fixed: Hide Campaign when Countdown timer ends option was broken.
* Fixed: Brave Embedded Content was erroneously being loaded in AMP pages.
* Fixed: Only the first word of the last name was being registered in Newsletter Subscription.
* Fixed: Only first 10 Mailchimp lists were selectable. Now Brave shows 200 Mailchimp lists.

= 0.5.7 – 28 Mar 2022. =
* Added: Countdown Element: Ability to disable hours.
* Added: Ability to close the popup when a Product is added to cart through the products element.
* Added: Ability to apply Woocommerce Coupon code on Button element click.
* Added: Fire Custom JavaScript code/function when a Brave Form is Submitted.
* Added: New Popup Filter options: Not viewed a Popup, Not completed a Goal options.
* Added: Woocommerce Filter: Only Display if Customer has/hasn’t made a purchase.
* Added: cursor up/down keys to resize the font size.
* Fixed: Scroll Lock feature was not working on mobile devices if the campaign does not have a mobile layout.
* Fixed: When editing a page in Elementor, the popup should not show up.
* Fixed: Share element breaks when Ajax Load option is enabled.
* Fixed: Uncanny Automator Integration was broken.

= 0.5.6 – 24 Jan 2022. =
* Added: Ability to disable scrolling when a popup is open.
* Added: Ability to Search Posts or Pages in Placement > Exclude section.
* Added: Ability to Exclude by Custom URL in Placement > Exclude section.
* Fixed: Placement Posts Exclude section was not loading all posts.
* Fixed: Form Radio Field was Broken.
* Fixed: Form Radio Field inline layout option was not working.
* Fixed: When Advanced Animation is active, Popup cannot be closed.
* Fixed: When Advanced Animation is active, Button Elements were not animating.
* Fixed: Some versions of Sendy was not integrating with Brave.
* Fixed: Not All Mailjet lists were being loaded in Form Newsletter Integration section.
* Fixed: On Some Websites, Topbar for Mobile devices were not showing up.

= 0.5.5 – 27 Dec 2021. =
* Fixed: Element Font Switching issue.
* Fixed: Form Condition Matching issue.
* Fixed: When a Multistep Form has a conditional field it overlaps when the field is shown.

= 0.5.4 – 19 Dec 2021. =
* Added: Ability to apply Custom Font style without adding a font file.
* Added: Ability to play video Element in the editor.
* Added: New option to resize Video elements while maintaining the aspect ratio.
* Added: New option to encode form redirect URL.
* Fixed: Printing error logs even when there aren’t any errors.
* Fixed: Form Button Font option was not working.
* Fixed: Element Font Switching issue.
* Fixed: Campaign Animation on Mobile not working.

= 0.5.3 – 07 Dec 2021. =
* Added: Ability to exclude popups by css body classes
* Added: Display campaigns based on WooCommerce customer cart value.
* Added: Ability to send webhook data as either plain text or application/json.
* Fixed: Form Font option not working.
* Fixed: Conditional Fields were not working for Forms with Multiple Steps.
* Fixed: Stickybars with Don’t stick to top option moved it to the bottom of the webpage.

= 0.5.2 – 01 Nov 2021. =
* Added: Option to disable the form element’s required star.
* Added: Products element now has an option to display regular price as well as the sale price.
* Fixed: Form Dates Dropdown field throws error when they are not required and not filled in.
* Fixed: Body Class Match function did not work on some php versions.
* Fixed: Form Element: If a name field is set to required, and only the last name is filled, no error is thrown.
* Fixed: Name Form Field did not show the error message on the last name field.
* Fixed: ActiveCampaign Integration is not loading more than 20 lists in the list selection field.
* Fixed: When a Campaign with forms are duplicated, the error message of the form was shown on original campaign if they are in same page.
* Fixed: When Ajax Load option is on, Form Datepicker doesn’t work.

= 0.5.1 – 11 Oct 2021. =
* Added: Ability to create Non-sticky Topbars.
* Added: Sendy Integration.
* Added: Ability to set Google Fonts variations (Bold, extra Bold, thin etc.).
* Fixed: Text Element crashed on frontend when the font size is manually typed in the settings.
* Fixed: Geo Location detection feature stopped working.
* Fixed: Hidden Form field with Default field value set to Country was not working.

= 0.5.0 – 07 Oct 2021. =
* Added: Conditionally Display Form Fields
* Added: Ability to Place Popups in Custom Post type Taxonomy pages.
* Added: Ad block detection feature.
* Added: 4 Ad Blocker popup templates.
* Added: Filter Popups based on current body element classes.
* Added: Ability to create Custom Animation and play them on element click.
* Fixed: PHP 5.6.4+ Compatibility Issues.
* Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility Issues.
* Fixed: Popups were not showing up if Polylang was installed.
* Fixed: Ungrouping Elements Crashed.
* Fixed: Advanced Animation: Elements were not Animating.
* Fixed: Advanced Animation: Could not add new marker on Popup.
* Fixed: If an advanced text has a link in it, and its a goal element, the goal was not being completed on click.

= 0.4.9 – 01 Sep 2021. =
* Added: If Mailchimp user exists, update tags too.
* Added: Mailster plugin integration.
* Added: FluentCRM plugin integration.
* Added: Ability to Use fonts from Use Any Fonts Plugin.
* Added: Target Users by User meta fields (Custom fields).
* Fixed: Crashed if PHP version was below 7.1
* Fixed: Label fields should not have the Required option.

= 0.4.8 – 02 Aug 2021. =
* Added: Zoho CRM Advanced Integration.
* Added: New posts/products Category pages option in Advanced Filters > Pages.
* Added: Products Element: Option to Link Product Images to product pages.
* Added: Option to Override Email Validation Engine for Specific Forms from their Settings Panel.
* Added: Shortcodes now work in Button URL.
* Added: Shortcodes now work inside Text Elements.
* Fixed: When Form field style is set to underline, email input fields are not styled correctly.
* Fixed: Embedded Content Images are not loading without scrolling.

= 0.4.7 – 06 Jul 2021. =
* Added: Ability to change Product element’s variable product button text.
* Added: If the related Posts do not fill all slots, fill them with random or latest posts.
* Fixed: Dynamic Link for Button Element was not working.
* Fixed: Some Strings could not be translated as they were missing in the pot file.
* Fixed: Backend & frontend Breaks if the backend language is RTL.
* Fixed: Products Elements not showing the price when a product has variable pricing.
* Fixed: Conflict with Geoip Detect plugin.

= 0.4.6 – 15 Jun 2021. =
* Added: Posts Element now has a new option to display related posts based on tags.
* Added: Social Elements can now be selected as Goal Elements.
* Added: Ajax Load feature for Embedded Content too
* Added: Scroll Trigger feature now has the ability to only show popups between certain percent of the page.
* Fixed: When a campaign goal or settings is changed, the All Campaigns Page was not updating.
* Fixed: Embedded Content Images were not being lazy loaded.
* Fixed: Uncanny Automator Integration was not working for all trigger types.

= 0.4.5 – 10 Jun 2021. =
* Fixed: New Ajax option was not saving.
* Fixed: MailerLite subscribers were not being added if the user was unsubscribed before.
* Fixed: Uncanny Automator Integration was not showing up.

= 0.4.4 – 08 Jun 2021. =
* Added: Campaign Analytics data can now be exported as csv.
* Added: Ability to Load the Campaign via Ajax to prevent SEO conflict and to lazyload embedded pdf, videos.
* Added: New option to display A/B test campaigns equally
* Fixed: Social Share buttons always added the homepage url in front of the shared URLs.
* Fixed: Uncanny Automator Integration was Broken after the 3.0 update.
* Fixed: Not all Mailerlite groups were showing up.

= 0.4.3 – 10 May 2021. =
* Added: Option to exclude ip addresses in analytics page so that admin views and goal stats are not counted.
* Added: Ability to add alt tag in image elements.
* Added: Ability to remove Form Submissions Screen if the Campaign is missing.
* Fixed: TrueMail Integration not working.
* Fixed: The Preview Function was broken.
* Fixed: Radio fields were not rendering properly on mobile devices.
* Fixed: A/B Tests campaigns are served more fairly

= 0.4.2 – 18 April 2021. =
* Added: New Date field options to display dropdown date selection fields inside Forms.
* Added: Uncanny Automator Integration
* Added: LearnDash Integration: Ability to display campaigns based on learndash actions.
* Added: EDD Integration: Ability to display campaigns based on purchase history.
* Added: Ability to connect forms to 3rd party services with Custom Webhooks.
* Added: New Shortcut: Press CTRL + S to Save the Campaign.
* Fixed: Exclude Pages not working after the last update.
* Fixed: Mailerlite Dropdown and Checkbox fields were not syncing.
* Fixed: Submission Export function sometimes does not export all fields.
* Fixed: Embedded Content were automatically being focused on page load.

= 0.4.1 – 31 March 2021. =
* Added: New Auto Snap Elements feature.
* Fixed: Advanced Newsletter List selection visual bug.
* Fixed: Newsletter settings tab showing Red Warning icon in Advanced Mode.
* Fixed: Social Login Button Text were not editable.
* Fixed: Accessibility Fix: Popups could not be closed when navigating through tabs.
* Fixed: When using Cloudflare, the Country name was generated as Country code. eg: US, as opposed to United States.
* Fixed: Custom Classes were not being applied to elements.

= 0.4.0 – 08 March 2021. =
* Added: Ability to display Dynamic Text UTM value inside Text element.
* Fixed: Text Elements with Rich Text editor content were showing raw HTML.
* Fixed: Some Sites crashed when the PRO vesion is installed.

= 0.3.9 – 03 March 2021. =
* Added: Form input field can be set to hidden if they have default values.
* Added: Ability to Save Form Field value as Browser Cookie and display anywhere to personalize campaigns.
* Added: Ability to display Dynamic Text in Advanced Mode (Visitor Country, Saved Browser cookie, Dates etc).
* Fixed: Inline Form’s Button is not placed correctly.
* Fixed: Form inline mode was wonky when there was a hidden field.
* Fixed: Not working properly with Cloudflare PRO.

= 0.3.8 – 22 February 2021. =
* Added: Embedded Content Highlight Mode (Darken whole page when in view)
* Added: Ability to Add Hidden Fields in Form.
* Added: Auto fill Form Input & Textarea Fields with Dynamic Content: UTM, Cookie, Custom, Country, page URL
* Added: Visitor segmentation by targeting visitors with browser Cookies.
* Added: Ability to display Visitor’s Country through Text Element with Dynamic Text mode.
* Added: Newsletter Subscription Advanced Mode for TNP (The Newsletter Plugin)
* Fixed: Image lightbox was not working.
* Fixed: Turning off Radio Field’s Border option crashes the backend.
* Fixed: Posts Category & Tag placement selection options were not working.
* Fixed: Constant Contact integration was not working properly.

= 0.3.7 – 11 February 2021. =
* Fixed: Preset Template imports was broken.
* Fixed: Preset thumbnails were sometimes not loading and returning 403 forbidden error.
* Fixed: Translations made with Loco Translate plugin weren’t working.

= 0.3.6 – 06 February 2021. =
* Added: Mailchimp Group Feature.
* Added: SendinBlue Double Optin feature.
* Added: Ability to display Button Icon on right side.
* Added: Delay option for Subsequent shows for Frequency Settings.
* Added: Ability to disable Password field in Login Element.
* Added: Ability to Vertically Center the content of Sidebar Popups.
* Added: Ability to Vertically Center the content of Stickybar Popups.
* Fixed: Few Form Fields were not WCGA compliant.
* Fixed: Active Campaign Dropdown field values were not syncing.
* Fixed: SendinBlue Error email was sent even when visitors were subscribed successfully.

= 0.3.5 – 17 January 2021. =
* Added: Interactive Content Auto Embed feature.
* Added: Exclude if came from a referred URL or domain.
* Added: 6 hours, 12 hours and current Session in Frequency Close Settings.
* Added: Newsletter Consent option. Ability to Subscribe to Newsletter only if a checkbox field is checked.
* Added: Ability to change On screen Visibility order.
* Added: 12 New Embedded Content Preset Templates.
* Fixed: Only 300 Posts/Products were selectable for placements. Added Ajax Search to fix this.
* Fixed: Buddyboss page selection not working.
* Fixed: Form Submission Trigger is removed since it was not working in most cases.
* Fixed: When a popup was published/unpublished the change did not immediately reflect in Campaigns page.

= 0.3.3 – 6 January 2021. =
* Added: Save Form Submission data in Database and export them.
* Added: Added Mailchimp Double Optin feature.
* Added: Login Element: Default Signup User Role option.
* Added: Login Element: Ability to craft Custom Welcome Email on Signup.
* Fixed: Campaign Monitor Multiple select field values were not being sent.
* Fixed: WordFence was tagging a Brave file as infected.
* Fixed: WPML Translated pages were not appearing in the Placement’s Pages list.
* Changed: Plugin name to Brave Conversion Engine.

= 0.3.2 – 20 December 2020. =
* Added: Let visitors use their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Account to signup for Newsletters.
* Added: Let visitors use their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Account to signup as new User.
* Added: New Social Chat Popup templates.
* Added: Ability to display the Last viewed Step as the First step on subsequent pages.
* Fixed: When User Role Targeting was enabled, visitors were also able to see the campaign.
* Fixed: Posts Elements were displaying Sticky Posts.
* Fixed: Search Element was not playing well with Polylang and WPML.
* Fixed: The Newsletter Plugin Integration was not sending Double optin emails.
* Fixed: Login Element: New User Signup emails were not being sent to admins.
* Fixed: Center aligned Popups were not centering the content on Mobile.
* Fixed: Keyboard Shortcuts were not working on Mac.
* Fixed: Scheduled Popups could not be accessed from The Advanced Filter section.
* Fixed: If the site has lots of popups the page load speeds slowed down.
* Changed: Few features are Locked if the License is not active. If you want a license for your Staging site, please get in touch.

= 0.3.1 – 06 December 2020. =
* Added: Ability to Create Quiz Forms.
* Added: Quiz: Subscribe visitor to different newsletter list or add a tag based on Quiz Score.
* Added: Quiz: Go to Different Step of the Campaign based on form field value or Quiz Score.
* Added: Quiz: Redirect Visitors to different page based on form field value or Quiz Score
* Added: Quiz: Ability to Send Conditional Emails to Subscribers based on Quiz Result.
* Added: Ability to add form field values in Submission Success Action and Redirect URL.
* Added: Ability to Use Custom Font.
* Added: Ability to display Bordered Checkbox and Radio Box.
* Added: Ability to select “Guest” in User Roles Target Section.
* Added: Possible to change Form Label Font color and Weight.
* Fixed: If a field had steps in it, the data could not be sent to Zapier/Integormat.
* Fixed: Multi Step Form fields could not be modified after the last update.
* Fixed: Countdown Timer was not working on non-English sites.
* Fixed: Countdown timer date selection was wonky.
* Fixed: Goal Notification Test Email did not work when the Goal was set to Form Submission
* Fixed: Form Submission success action settings tab was being cut off on small screens.

= 0.3.0 – 23 November 2020. =
* Fixed: Click Trigger feature was broken.

= 0.2.9 – 22 November 2020. =
* Added: Google Recaptcha integration.
* Added: Ability Track form submissions with Facebook Pixel.
* Added: Added Button Group Field in Form.
* Added: Media Field in Form. Ability to Add a Image and Video inside Forms.
* Added: Option to customize Button Width for “Inline Form” mode.
* Added: Advanced Subscription mode for Send In Blue.
* Added: Advanced Subscription mode for SendGrid.
* Added: Advanced Subscription mode for Moosend.
* Added: Ability to export/import campaigns with campaign settings.
* Fixed: Country filter was not working when the site is using Cloudflare.
* Fixed: Form email address not allowed if there is a + in it.
* Fixed: Click opening popups were not working on Microsoft Edge.
* Fixed: Saving posts/pages with shortcodes, throws an Invalid json error.
* Fixed: When multiple embedded content added in same page/post, only the first one is responsive.
* Fixed: Date field was broken.

= 0.2.8 – 12 November 2020. =
* Added: Pabbly Integration.
* Added: klaviyo Integration.
* Added: Ontraport Integration.
* Added: Sendpulse Integration.
* Added: integrately Integration.
* Added: New Email Validation option: Do not allow free email domains (,, etc).
* Fixed: Break Free Elements were being cut off.
* Fixed: Popups were appearing in search results.
* Fixed: Button Hover Color Animation was not working.
* Fixed: Advanced Newsletter Tags selection overflow issue.
* Fixed: Welcome Tour was broken.
* Fixed: Entering Mobile Goal element selection, did not automatically switch to Mobile tab.
* Fixed: Popup Position Negative margin was showing an error when typed in.
* Fixed: Popup Overlay was not visible by default.
* Fixed: Email sent by Brave to recipients set the “Sent From” email to “”, instead of the website name.
* Fixed: Activecampaign & Hubspot were not updating existing users.

= 0.2.7 – 30 October 2020. =
* Added: Group Element Hover Animation option.
* Added: Group Element Load Animation option.
* Added: Elements width, height and position can now be edited from their Settings Panel.
* Added: Interactive Content Locking.
* Fixed: Button Element linking was not working.
* Fixed: Popups remove button was broken.
* Fixed: Break Free not working in Content Editing Mode.
* Fixed: Email Validator Settings were not loading.
* Fixed: Only 20 ActiveCampaign Custom Fields & Tags were fetched by Brave.

= 0.2.5 – 27 October 2020. =
* Added: Interactive Content Creation Feature.
* Added: 30+ Interactive Content Presets.
* Added: Products Elements: New option to change the text “Add to Cart”
* Added: Hover Animation for Text elements.
* Added: Hover Animation for Shapes.
* Added: Tooltip for Shape/Icon element.
* Added: Let visitor’s Copy the Text for Text elements. (Use case: “Copy Discount code”)
* Added: Ability to display current user’s firstname as Dynamic Text in Text Element.
* Added: New Dynamic Text options: Current Product Title, Price, Original Price.
* Added: Image Element: New option to open image in lightbox.
* Fixed: Click Trigger Popups with #brave_open… directives did not work if it started with an url.
* Fixed: Sidebar popups were not displaying scrollbar when the content overflowed.
* Fixed: In Safari browser the popup rounded corners are not working properly.
* Fixed: If a popup was opened through another popup, Popup Opened on click were opened behind the original popup.
* Fixed: Weird character issue in email subjects for german characters.
* Fixed: Products element was not rendering correctly in Firefox.
* Fixed: An unwanted custom play button was displayed on video Elements in Firefox.
* Fixed: If a step has a mobile layout and the step is duplicated, both desktop and mobile elements were copied in mobile layout.
* Fixed: Copied elements could not be pasted more than once.
* Fixed: Posts Element’s Read more buttons were not working.

= 0.2.4 – 14 October 2020 =
* Added: Nofollow option for links.
* Added: “Call a Phone Number” option for links.
* Added: Download on Click option for links.
* Added: Ability to Target pages with wildcard (*)
* Added: Duplicate Form Fields feature.
* Fixed: Image Positioning feature was not working the same way for all images.
* Fixed: Scroll to Custom element option was not working if the element height was more than 900px
* Fixed: Newsletter tagging was broken.
* Fixed: Mailerlite subscribes were not getting autoresponder emails.
* Fixed: Only 10 Sendinblue Newsletter lists were available.
* Fixed: WPML multilingual products were not available in Popup’s placement Settings.
* Fixed: Custom Videos were always playing on mute.
* Fixed: Videos were not playing when popup was triggered with click.
* Fixed: If popup had videos in both mobile and desktop layout, the videos were not playing.

= 0.2.3 – 30 September 2020 =
* Added: Advanced Newsletter Subscription Mode.
* Added: Add visitors to different Lists based on different conditions.
* Added: Add tags to subscribers based on different conditions.
* Added: Sync other form fields beside email and name.
* Added: New Woocommerce Filter: Only show if current User did or did not purchase a product
* Fixed: Radio, Checkbox and Image Select field was not working without provided values.
* Fixed: Radio Field’s inline option was not working.
* Fixed: Radio & Rating Field was always sending the last value.
* Fixed: Countdown element’s text were not possible to translate.
* Fixed: Popups Bigger than 320 px were being cut off on old Iphones.
* Fixed: Top/Bottom bar popups were not centered on Ipads.

= 0.2.2 – 23 September 2020. =
* Added: Brave Advanced Email Validation Engine.
* Added: Neverbouce, Zerobouce and Truemail Email Validation service Integration.
* Added: Form Autoresponder can now send HTML emails.
* Added: Custom blank templates with 6 different layouts.
* Added: New Advanced Filter: Only Show popup if the user has viewed n number of pages on your site.
* Added: New Advanced Filter: Only Show popup if the user has viewed certain pages before.
* Added: Brave now Loads its stylesheet in footer to prevent render blocking.
* Fixed: Email Subject, and from field displayed weird characters when non english language was used.
* Fixed: Click Open Trigger feature sometimes failed.
* Fixed: WPML’s Translated Product Categories are not listed in Product category placement section.

= 0.2.1 – 16 September 2020. =
* Added: 25 new Presets and 10 new preset categories.
* Added: Option to only show the Popups to visitors from selected countries.
* Added: Option to Hide the popup again when the scroll trigger condition does not match.
* Added: Display popup by user roles.
* Added: New Close Button Icons (Back, Forward).
* Added: Form Success Message font size and color option.
* Added: Options to exclude pages, posts & products from the popup settings panel.
* Added: Products/Posts Element: Option to Show full Title.
* Added: New Option to display popup on posts/products pages with certain categories and tags.
* Fixed: On some servers the preset import failed.
* Fixed: render.php file was throwing a php error.
* Fixed: Conflict with other Popup plugins.
* Fixed: List Items (ul, ol, li) not working inside Text element.
* Fixed: Close Button Type text is being squeezed.
* Fixed: Items per row option not working for social shares.
* Fixed: Dynamic Element Styling issues.
* Fixed: If a page is set as homepage, selecting the page to display the popup is not working.
* Fixed: It was not possible to set goal for Popup variations.
* Fixed: Popup Goal change was not being reflected on “All Popups” page.
* Fixed: Products Element description length is not being respected.

= 0.2.0 – 06 September 2020 =
* Added: Brave Analytics – Advanced Popup Views & Conversions Statistics.
* Added: Carousel Element evolved to Dynamic Content Element. Now possible to display testimonials, sliders, Faqs, reviews & feature boxes.
* Added: Polylang Integration: Display popups based on language.
* Added: WPML Integration: Display popups based on language.
* Added: Alternative method to Click Trigger option.
* Added: Ability to Insert Country, States and City Dropdowns in Form Elements.
* Added: The Placement Settings Product/Page/Posts select list is now searchable.
* Added: The Products/Posts Element Product/Posts select list is now searchable.
* Fixed: AWeber Integration was broken after WP 5.5
* Fixed: View count was not reported correctly when the popup goal was set to “Views a step”.
* Fixed: When the height is small and the popup is taller than window height, its being cut off.
* Fixed: On some servers, email subject with Cyrillic text were being sent as weird characters.

= 0.1.9 – 23 August 2020 =
* Added: New Frequency Option: Do not Show if the Countdown Timer has ended.
* Added: Option to only show a popup if completed a goal, Viewed or Closed another Popup.
* Fixed: Form Submission was not working if the form included a dropdown or checkbox field.
* Fixed: List element font styles are not being applied.

= 0.1.8 – 18 August 2020 =
* Added: WP 5.5 Compatibility.
* Added: Campaign Monitor Integration.
* Added: Countdown timer interval: When Expired Start again after specified time.
* Added: Placement Option: Filter Posts by tags.
* Added: Placement Option: Filter Products by tags.
* Fixed: Preset Import was not working in some cases.
* Fixed: On Close Go to Step option was not working.
* Fixed: Form Email Email validation failed when the email includes more than 3 letter TLDs (.asia, .design)
* Fixed: Form Field Spacing was not working.
* Fixed: Required Form fields could be bypassed by inserting empty space.

= 0.1.7 – 09 August 2020 =
* Added: Added ability to display x times the popup per day or month.
* Added: Brave now Auto saves your Popup before Previewing it.
* Added: Presets can now be previewed before importing them.
* Fixed: Form Submit Success Download feature was not working.
* Fixed: If a Step had group in it, duplicating that step messed up the group elements.
* Fixed: Code element scrollbar was not showing up.
* Fixed: The popup roundness and the border roundness did not match in the Editor.
* Fixed: Form Field Spacing was not working.

= 0.1.6 – 31 July 2020. =
* Fixed: Inline Form Fields are visually broken when the Popup is not instantly loaded.
* Fixed: Show scrollbar option moves the popup to the very bottom of the page in mobile.
* Fixed: Copied Lists Element from desktop to mobile broke the desktop layout’s list element.
* Fixed: License page was broken.
* Fixed: Posts Element’s tag filter was broken.
* Fixed: Posts Element’s Custom Selection was not working.
* Fixed: Popup Animation panel was not showing the current animation settings
* Fixed: Custom Preset Import/Export was broken.
* Added: Integrated Moosend.
* Added: Added Ability to display posts in random order.
* Added: Added Schedule Popup Feature – only run on selected dates/days.

= 0.1.5 – 20 July 2020. =
* Fixed: Social Share buttons were not showing up.
* Fixed: UTM Keywords filtering not working at all.
* Fixed: Product Page placement was not working.
* Fixed: If Shape Border is active and uses default color, the border does not show up.
* Added: The Newsletter Plugin Integration.
* Added: Shape elements can now be blurred
* Added: Image Element now has ability to apply various Frames.
* Added: Multiple steps can be set for goal tracking.
* Added: Multiple Elements can be set as a goal tracking element instead of just one.
* Added: Code Element can now be marked as Form Goal Element.
* Added: Automatically import all Desktop Layout into Mobile Layout.
* Added: Mobile Fallback Settings for Exit Intent Popups.
* Added: [Woocommerce] Popups can now be placed in product category pages.
* Added: [Woocommerce] Image Elements can now dynamically display posts images & Woocommerce product images.
* Added: [Woocommerce] Text Elements can now dynamically display posts & product title, description, price, date.
* Added: [Woocommerce] Products Element can now display Upsell, Cross Sell & Related Products.
* Added: [Woocommerce] Products Element Can now display relevant category’s products.
* Added: [Woocommerce] Products Element and Posts Elements can now be set as Goal Click Element.
* Added: [Woocommerce] Only display popup if the cart includes/excludes certain products.

= 0.1.4 – 1 July 2020. =
* Fixed: Mailchimp successful subscription sending error emails.
* Fixed: Images were not showing up when WP Smush or WP Rocket Lazy Load feature was turned on.
* Fixed: Fix Aweber title case.
* Added: Mailpoet Integration.
* Added: Popups now automatically show scrollbar if the popup height is bigger than screen height.
* Added: In Popup Notification email display the registered username and firstname lastname.
* Added: Auto scaled Mobile layout can now be viewed instantly in the Editor.
* Added: New “All Elements” Panel, for easier locking, hiding and reordering elements.
* Added: Ability to Group Elements for easy dragging.
* Added: Text Element: Scrollbar Option.
* Added: Text Element: Advanced Editor to add links, underline etc in text.
* Added: Text Element: New Text Typing Animation.
* Added: Form Element: New Form Option to send Senders Location, IP and Name in email footer.
* Added: Form Element: Ability to insert HTML in Form checkboxes, radio buttons and custom labels.
* Added: When sending form data to webhook, automatically add users country and submission time.
* Added: Automatically fill registered users name and email in form fields.
* Added: If Newsletter first name and last name is missing, automatically collect them if they are logged in.

= 0.1.3 – 7 June 2020. =
* Fixed: Zoho CRM Integration.
* Fixed: Aweber Integration.
* Fixed: Tablet responsiveness issues.
* Fixed: Popup Continuous Animation was not working.
* Fixed: Button Hover Animation not working.
* Fixed: Frequency options style were confusing.
* Added: Option to Lock Element’s Position in the Editor.
* Added: New Feature to Embed Popup inside Posts, pages and widgets using shortcode.
* Added: Change Auto Responder’s From Email Address and Reply to Email Address.
* Added: Popup Animations now has a Play button for Preview.
* Added: Added Image Hover Animations.
* Added: Custom JS Events for Developers.

= 0.1.2 – 24 May 2020. =
* Fixed: Ability to exclude Images from Smush plugin that broke the popup images.
* Fixed: Zapier integration test button not working.
* Added: Mailer lite integration

= 0.1.1 – 19 May 2020. =
* Fixed: Plugin Breaks after any cache plugin’s javascript minifications is turned on.
* Fixed: Imported preset images are not being downloaded to user’s WordPress.
* Added: Zoho CRM Integration.

= 0.1.0 – 10 May 2020. =
* Fixed: Image Upload button was not opening.
* Fixed: Image element’s vertical option was not working.
* Fixed: Custom URL Placement option was not working.
* Fixed: Video Element was not respecting the auto play setting.
* Fixed: When the Video Popup is closed once and opened again, it could not be closed again.
* Added: Auto Close option in Form Submission Success Message section.
* Added: Ability to Combine Triggers.

= 0.0.9 – 01 May 2020. =
* Fixed: Brave Interface was not working on Microsoft Edge.
* Fixed: The Form Element was not working on Microsoft Edge.
* Fixed: Popup Preview was not working.
* Fixed: Popup Auto Close function was not working.
* Fixed: Login Form could not be set as Popup Goal.
* Fixed: Form Field Inline Checkbox Option was not working.
* Fixed: Form Element’s Test “Recieve Email” button was not working.
* Fixed: When a Page has multiple popups, only the last popup’s fonts are loaded.
* Fixed: Fixed Integromat Incompatibility issue.
* Added: Zoho Campaign Integration.
* Added: Ability to hide Username field in Login Element.

= 0.0.8 – 14 April 2020 =
* Fixed: Topbar Popup on close, left a blank white space on top of the page.
* Fixed: Other Plugin Conflicts.

= 0.0.7 – 26 February 2020 =
* Added: Show Scrollbar Option.
* Fixed: Geo-location error.
* Fixed: Popup was saving as child.

= 0.0.6 – 21 February 2020 =
* Fixed: Driver not found error.

= 0.0.5 – 18 February 2020 =
* Fixed: Geo-location Database.
* Added: A/B Testing.

= 0.0.4 – 16 December 2019. =
* Fixed: Moving elements also moved the scrollbar
* Fixed: Not all posts were being fetched in Popup Settings page
* Fixed: Could not write special characters in Button Elements
* Fixed: Replaced geoplugin with maxmind geo Database
* Fixed: minor style issues
* Added: Ability to Display Popups Custom Post types
* Added: Documentation in admin bar

= 0.0.3 – 3 December 2019. =
* Fixed previewing popups added to their view count
* When the Popup is set to visitor only mode, preview was not working

= 0.0.2 – 2 December 2019. =
* Fixed the Popup Background Image Overlay issue.
* Developer update: Made the Popup render function overridable.
* Added proper screenshot descriptions.

= 0.0.1 – 30 November 2019. =
* Initial Release