Create a Sticky Bar in WordPress in 15 minutes

In this video, you will learn how to create a WordPress Sticky bar that sticks to the top of your website. Sticky bars are great for displaying promo messages or announcements.

You can create sticky bars in WordPress within minutes by following few simple steps:

  1. First Grab Brave from our homepage and then install the plugin.
  2. Then Go to Brave > Campaigns.
  3. Then Create a new Popup by clicking the + icon from top.
  4. Now from when you are in the visual editor, click the “Popup Layout” tab from right and select “Top/Bottom Bar”.
  5. Then from the “Popup Size” tab reduce the height of the popup.
  6. You can now change the background color of the sitcky bar from the “Popup Style” tab.
  7. You will also have to disable the default background overlay from the “Popup Overlay” section.
  8. Now Insert your Promo message by inserting text elements into your Popup.
  9. You can optionally Insert countdown timers by dragging and dropping a timer element into your popup.
  10. Once you are done designing the popup, click the Setting menu from top an determine where and when the popup should display.
  11. Finally click the “Arrow key” beside the Save button and click the “Publish” button to Publish your popup.