Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I Insert Icons in my Campaigns?
A. Icons can be inserted through the Shape Element. First Insert a Shape Element, and then Switch to Icon mode by clicking the Icon tab inside the element’s settings panel.


Q. How do I create a Full Width Popup?
A. You can import an existing full width popup preset template or if you want to create from scratch, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Popup layout is set to “Float” from the “Popup Layout” tab.
  • Then open the “Popup Overlay” tab and make sure the Overlay option is turned and customize how your Popup background will look with the Overlay Background Color and Image options.
  • Finally, open the “Popup Style” tab and replace the default white color of your popup content area with a transparent color.


Q. How do I use my custom font in my Campaigns?
A. Insert a text element, and from the Settings panel, open the “Font Family” dropdown and then click the Custom Tab to upload your Custom Font.


Q. My Popup is not showing up. What do I do?
A. There are few things you can do if your popup is not showing up but it is supposed to:

  • First make sure your popup is indeed published and not set to “Draft”.
  • Check your Popups visibility settings and make sure your popup is not being filtered out on that specific page by your popup settings.
  • Open that page in an Incognito browser window and see if the popup shows up. If it does, that you can be sure that the popup is not being displayed on your current browser window because it has hit your Popup’s Frequency Settings.
  • Try clearing your Browser cache and see if it shows up. If you are using a Cache plugin, try clearing the cache of the plugin as well.
  • If it’s still not showing up, it could be a bug. In that case, shoot us a message through the Contact page.


Q. How do I open my popups with a button click?
A. There are 2 ways you can do that:
Go to your Campaign Settings Page and scroll down to the “Trigger” section and enable “On Click”. You can insert your button element’s class or id in the Class/ID field.
If you are not sure what your button id or class is, you can try the easier method. Copy the text in that section that looks something like this: #brave_popup_open_432 and use it as your button link.


Q. How do I translate my Popup Content?
A. There are few text strings that may want to translate. You can use loco Translate plugin to translate those strings.


Q. How do I make my popup available in multiple languages?
A. Brave supports Polylang and WPML Multi language plugins. You need to create separate popups for each language and make them available for selected languages from Settings > Advanced Filters.


Q. How do I export my campaigns?
A. You can only export campaigns in Brave PRO. To Export Campaigns, simply click the arrow icon beside the Save button, and then click the Import/Export button.



License & Activation

Q. How do I upgrade from Brave Free to Brave Paid version?
A. Follow these steps to activate Brave:

  • Once you have purchased Brave PRO, Mega, or Ultimate, download the plugin zip file from the Dashboard Page.
  • And copy the license by clicking the eye icon.
  • Now go to your WordPress dashboard, and then go to Plugins > All Plugins, and disable the Free version of Brave.
  • Then click the Upload Plugin button and upload the zip file and activate the plugin.
  • Once you have done that, go to Brave > License, and activate your license.


Q. I purchase Brave PRO which only allows 1 site activation. How do I activate it on my staging site as well?
A. If you need to activate the plugin on your staging site, kindly send us a message through the contact page and we will add one more site activation limit for your staging site.