Advanced Email Validation

Brave PRO comes with advanced email validation engine that prevents visitors from using made up emails, dead emails and disposable emails in Brave forms. Its a great feature for those who are trying to improve the quality of their leads and newsletter subscribers. It also helps you by reducing newsletter bounce rate, as visitors cannot signup with dead or disposable emails.

By default Brave only checks for basic email syntax validation. To activate the Brave Email Validation engine for advanced validation, go to Brave’s Integrations page and click the “Email Validation” tab and select “Brave Built-in Email Validation Engine”.


You can enable or disable the 3 validation options to customize the Validation engine’s Settings.

Email Validity Check: Brave’s Validation Engine, prevents visitors from signing up with fake emails by checking the MX records of the provided email’s domain. So if a visitor inserts a email with a madeup domain like john@mymadeupdomain.com , Brave’s validation engine will check and see if the domain provided has a valid MX records set for its domain to send/receive emails. If not, it will be marked as Inactive, and visitor will receive an instant error saying the provided email is Inactive.

Disposable Email Check: Brave’s Validation Engine also checks for disposable emails from a huge list(30k) of disposable email providers. If the provided email is a disposable email, Brave engine will display and error mentioning the provided email is disposable and its not allowed.

Misspelled Email Suggestion: If the email is invalid becuase the visitor misspelled the domain name of the email (eg: john@gmaoil.com, rob@yshoo.com), Brave will display the corrected email suggestion that visitors can insert in the email field with one click.


Using a third party Email validation service instead o Brave’s Email Validation Engine

Brave’s built-in validation engine should reduce fake/dead/disposable emails singnups by 80%. But if you want to further improve it by checking whether the email inbox is active, you can integrate third party validation service as and use it instead of Brave’s email validation engine. You can integrate the following third part email validation services with Brave:

Integrate Neverbounce Email Validation Service

Integrate Zerobounce Email Validation Service

Integrate TrueMail Email Validation Service