Track Form Submission with Facebook Pixel

With Brave PRO, You can track your Brave form submissions with Facebook Pixel and target those who submitted the form in Facebook Ads. You can send a “Lead” event or a “Contact” event to Facebook with Brave once visitor submits the form.

To send form submission event to Facebook ads, follow these below steps:

Setting Up

Step 1: Make sure you have already installed Facebook Pixel on your website.

Step 2: From Brave > All Campaigns, open your campaign that has the From you want to track.

Step 3: Click the Form to Open your Form Settings Panel.

Step 4: Click the “Track Form Submission” tab to open it and click the toggle option to enable tracking.

Step 5: Click the “Facebook Ad Tracking” tab.

Step 6: Select the event type. You can either select “Lead” or “Contact”. When you select Lead, you will be able to optionally send some custom data. If you want to send custom data, fill out the fields. None of the fields are required.

Step 7: Save the Campaign.

P.S: If you have created separate layout for mobile, do not forget to select the same setting for the Form on the mobile layout.


Using the Tracked Events in Facebook Ads Manager

Step 1: To View the sent data and to create custom audience from sent data, Visit the Facebook Events Manager.

Step 2: From the left panel, select your website.

Step 3: Once a visitor submits the form, you will notice that it has been logged in this section. It will be logged as “Lead” or “Contact” based on your Event Type selection.

Step 4:  You can click the Entry and click “View Details” to view event log time and custom data (if any).

Step 5: To target those who submitted the Form, you need to create a Custom Audience. To do that, Click the green plus icon from top right corner and click the “Create Custom Audience” option.

Step 6: Once the Audience creation window pops up, Click the “All Website Visitor” button to expand the options list. You will notice that the “Lead” event is listed under “Events”. Click the “Lead” or the “Contact” event to create a new audience which will consist of those who submitted the Brave form.