Create a WordPress Survey Popup in 5 minutes

In this video, you will learn how to create a multi-step WordPress popup Survey to let your visitors take a survey. The survey data will be sent to your email inbox instantly.

You can create free survey Popups within minutes by following few simple steps:

  1. First Grab Brave from our homepage and then install the plugin.
  2. Then Go to Brave > Campaigns.
  3. Then Create a new Popup by clicking the + icon from top. If you want to embed the survey inside a blog post or page, click the “+ New Embedded Content’ instead.
  4. Now resize the popup to somewhere around 300 x 300 pixels from Popup Size tab.
  5. Then change the background color of the popup from Popup .
  6. And then disable the popup’s default background overlay from Popup Overlay section.
  7. Now let’s create our multi-step survey form by first dragging and dropping a form element from left.
  8. Now add a custom label field into your form and insert your question.
  9. Then insert a dropdown field and add options for users to choose and answer the question.
  10. Now to add a second step to the form, click the Add Field button and click the “Add Step’ button.
  11. Now add another question with custom label field and a dropdown field.
  12. Finally add a 3rd step into the form by adding a step field again into your form.
  13. To add a an email and name field in this 3rd step, insert 2 text fields into the form.
  14. Then change the text field types to “Name” and email respectively.
  15. Finally add a textbox field to collect visitor’s feedback.
  16. Now that the fields are added, click the action tab of the form element and determine where the survey data should be sent from the “Receive an Email” section.
  17. Now to position the popup to bottom right corner of the page, click the “Popup Layout” tab and select the “Bottom Right” option.
  18. Then click the Settings menu from top and determine where and when the popup will be displayed.
  19. Finally click the arrow key beside the save button and click “Publish” to publish the popup and make it live.


You can learn more on how to create survey forms from our Creating Survey Forms documentation.