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Integrate Mailchimp


To connect Mailchimp to Brave, you will need to acquire an API key. To collect the API key, follow these steps:

Step 1 : First Login to your Mailchimp Account.

Step 2 : Then from the top right corner, click on your profile and a Menu will drop down. Click the Account menu.

Step 3 : When you are taken to your Account, Click on Extras and then click the API Keys Menu.

Step 4 : In the API Keys page, click the Create A Key button.

Step 5 : A New Api key will be created. You can copy the API key from the API key field.

Step 6 : Then paste the API key in Mailchimp API key field in Brave Integration section and Click the Connect button.

Now when you add a Form and then go the Form’s Action Settings and click the “Add user to a Newsletter Tab” you will be able to access the Mailchimp Integration settings that will let you select the Mailchimp List where you want the add the visitor to.