Integrate Facebook Login

Brave PRO allows you to create Social Optin Popups that lets you use visitors Facebook account email with one click without them having to type in their email address. This increases optin conversion rate by a lot. Brave also lets your visitor signup on your WordPress website as a new user with Facebook. To do all these, you need to first create a Facebook App and connect your App to Brave. To do that, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Go to Facebook’s Developer website and signup as a developer: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/

Step 2: Once you signup you will be asked to create an APP ID. On the first screen, you will be asked to select the Type of your App. Select Build Connected Experience.

Step 3: Write down your App Name and insert your email address and click the Create App Button.

Step 4: Once the App is created, you will be taken to your App Dashboard page. From the “Add a Product” section of this page, click the Step Up Button inside the Facebook Login box.

Step 5: From the Second screen, click the “Web” button.

Step 6: Now on the next screen, Inside the “Tell Us about your website” section, insert your website address. and Click Save.

Step 7: Once you have added the URL, click the Basic menu under the Settings menu on left.

Step 8: On this screen, insert your website’s Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL and add your logo as your App Icon. In User Data deletion field You will also have to insert your Contact page URL where users can request to remove their data.  Finally set the Category and click the “Save Changes” button below.

Step 9: From the top of the page, toggle the “In Development” button to publish your App.

Step 10: Copy the App ID from this page, and paste it in Brave > Integrations > Social > Facebook > Facebook APP ID field, and click Save to complete the Integration.