Integrate Zoho Campaign & CRM

Step 1 : Login to your Zoho Developer Console Account.

Step 2 : Click the  Add Client from top right.

Step 3 : And click the  Self Client option from the list and then click Create.

Step 4 : You will be prompted with A Client ID  & Client Secret.

Step 5: Copy the Client ID & Client Secret and paste them in Brave > Integrations > Zoho.

Step 6 : Then Set the Zoho Domain to your accounts Domain Country. To find out your Zoho Domain, first login to your zoho account and the domain in the browser addressbar should contain any of the following: zoho.com, zoho.com.in, zoho.com.au, zoho.eu, zoho.com.cn . Select the one that matches your domain.

Step 7 : Now go back to Zoho Developer Console and click the Generate Code tab.

Step 8 : In the Scope Field, if you are using Zoho Campaign, type ZohoCampaigns.contact.ALL  If you are using Zoho CRM, type ZohoCRM.modules.ALL . If you want to integrate both, type: ZohoCampaigns.contact.ALL, ZohoCRM.modules.ALL

Step 9 : Set Time Duration to 10 Minutes.

Step 10 : In the Scope Description field, type: “Brave Conversion Engine Plugin”.

Step 11 : Click Create Button and you will be prompted with the Authorization Code.

Step 12 : Copy the code and paste it in Brave > Integrations > Zoho > Authorization Code Field and click the Get Refresh Token button.

Step 13 : If Successful, the “Refresh Token” field will be automatically populated with the Refresh Token Code.

Step 14 : Finally, click the Connect button to Connect Zoho to Brave.


Now If you want to connect a Form to Zoho, go the Form’s Action Settings and click the “Add user to a Newsletter Tab” and you will see the Zoho in the Newsletter Service List.