Create a WordPress Newsletter Popup in 5 minutes

In this video, you will learn how to create a WordPress Newsletter popup to collect user’s email and subscribe them to your favorite newsletter service like mailchimp, aweber, mailjet, getresponse etc.

You can create free newsletter Popups within minutes by following few simple steps:

  1. First Grab Brave from our homepage and then install the plugin.
  2. Then connect your Newsletter service(Mailchimp, aWeber, Hubspot etc) from Brave > Integrations
  3. Then Go to Brave > Campaigns .
  4. Then Create a new Popup by clicking the + icon from top.
  5. Then Insert your call to action copy and relevant images into your popup.
  6. Then Insert a form element and make sure the form has an email field.
  7. Now from the form’s Action tab, enable the “Subscribe users to newsletter”option.
  8. Then from the same section, select your newsletter service from the list and then select the list where you want the users to subscribe to.
  9. Now from the “Submission Success Action” section, select “Go to Step” and the write down 2 in the step field.
  10. Now make a mobile layout for the current step by copying the content and pasting in the mobile layout.
  11. Then create a second step of the popup to show a thank you message once the visitor signs up for your newsletter.
  12. Right click on the “Step 1” tab from top and duplicate step 1.
  13. Remove the form from the newly created step 2 and change the text to your custom Thank You message.
  14. Switch to the mobile mode of step 2 and remove the form as well. And then replace the text with your Thank you message.
  15. Click the Settings menu from top and determine where and when the popup should be displayed.
  16. Finally click the arrow key beside the Save button on top and click “Publish” to make your popup live.
  17. Optional: If you do not want to show the Popup to visitors once they subscribe, go to Settings > Frequency, and enable “Do Not Show if the Visitor submitted a Form in This Popup”
  18. If you want to save subscribers locally, go to your Settings Panel and scroll down to “From Submissions” section and enable that option. Once you have enabled it, whenever someone subscribes, their name, email and other fields will be saved in database and can be accessed from Brave > Submissions.