Track Campaign Goals with Google Analytics

Brave allows you to send a Goal event to Google Analytics to track the Campaign Conversions with Google Analytics. This feature is great who relies heavily on Google Analytics to measure performance and those who are using 3rd party business Dashboard softwares like Kilpfolio, Geckoboard, Cyfe etc.

To Start tracking a Campaign’s goal with Google Analytics, follow these simple steps:

  1. First Make sure you have the Google Analytics tracking code installed in your website.
  2. Now, from Your WordPress Dashboard, go to Brave > All Campaigns, and select the Campaign that you want to track.
  3. When the Visual editor screen appears, Click Goal > Notification > Google Analytics.

  1. A New window will open up. Enable the “Send Goal Complete Events to Google Analytics” option.

Now whenever a Visitor completes a goal of the Campaign(Click, Form submit or View), an predefined event will be sent to your Google Analytics. Brave will send this event information to Google Analytics:

eventCategory: popup

eventAction: goal

eventLabel:  Your Popup’s Name with the Popup ID in bracket. eg: “My Newsletter Popup (23)”


Once you have enabled this option, you can see the goal complete event data by logging in to your Google Analytics Account and then By going to Behavior > Events > Overview

Once you are in the Events Overview page, you can will see a popup item. You can click it see the details of all the Events.


When you click the “popup” from the event list, you will be taken to event details section. When you are there, click the “Event Label” tab to see the detail of the popup goal complete event.