Installing & Activating Brave PRO

Follow these steps to upgrade to Brave PRO, Mega, or Ultimate after purchase:

Step 1: Download the plugin zip file from the Dashboard Page.

Step 2: And copy the license by clicking the eye icon.

Step 3: Now go to your WordPress dashboard, and then go to Plugins > All Plugins, and disable the Free version of Brave.

Step 4: Then go to Plugins > Add New, and click the “Upload Plugin” button and upload the zip file and activate the plugin.

Step 5: Once you have done that, go to Brave > License, and activate the license.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I purchase Brave PRO which only allows 1 site activation. How do I activate it on my staging site as well?
A. If you need to activate the plugin on your staging site, kindly send us a message through the contact page and we will add one more site activation limit for your staging site.

Q. I want to activate the license on another website, how do I do that?
A. First go to Brave > License from your current website and deactivate the license. Then you can activate the license on your new website.

Q. I cannot Activate the license. Its always saying “Inactive License”. What should I do?

A. Kindly make sure
1. Your site is not under maintenance mode.
2. You are not using any security plugin or cloudflare PRO. If you are using a security plugin, try disabling it and then activate the license.
3. You have copied the license correctly and there are no spaces at the start or the end of the license.

If that still doesn’t resolve the issue, kindly send us a message through the contact page.