Let Visitors Optin with their Social Accounts

With Brave PRO, you can increase your Newsletter Optin Rate ten-fold by letting visitors use their Linked, Facebook or Google Account to optin to your newsletter. The reduces the friction of signing up to your newsletter and make the process as simple as clicking a single button. When you enable this option you can also allow visitors to type in their email address as well. The benefits of Social Optins are:

  • Getting leads with just a click, no typing needed. Mobile users typically avoid typing because of the clunky typing experience on mobile devices.
  • Improves conversion rates and enhances visitor experience.
  • No more fake emails – Get real verified email addresses from visitor’s Social Account.
  • If you are running a Facebook Ad campaign to collect leads you will have greater conversion rate if you let visitors signup with Facebook.
  • If you are running a LinkedIn Ad campaign to collect leads you will have greater conversion rate if you let visitors signup with LinkedIn.


How Social Optin Works

When you enable the Social Optin Feature, your Optin Form will display the Social Options buttons on top of it. Once the visitors click the any of the Social buttons, a Authentication window will popup of the selected Social Service which will tell them to give your website permission to read their Name and Email address associated with their Social account. Once they authorize, their Email address and Name is collected and inserted into your Form and immediately submitted.


Setting up Social Optin

Step 1: First Connect Facebook, Google, LinkedIn to Brave.

Step 2: The Insert a Form into your Campaign and insert a Name and an Email field in your Form and make them required.

Step 3: Then click the Actions tab from the Form Settings Panel and enable the Advanced Mode.

Step 4: Then click the Newsletter Signup Settings button.

Step 5: Once the Advanced Newsletter Settings Window pops up, select the Newsletter List, and map the name and the email fields from the Data to Send section.

Step 6: Now click the Social Optin tab and enable the Allow Visitors to Sign up with Social Accounts option.

Step 7: Then you can customize which button appears, Button text and their order from the Button Settings section.


Note: Once you enable this option, your form in the visual editor will display an icon. When you click the icon, you will be able to see the Social buttons.