Send Automated Email Replies when someone submits the Form

With Brave PRO you can send an automated email reply to the Form submitter as soon as they submit the Form. To enable this option Click the Form element and the click the “Actions” tab from top right corner.

The enable this feature you will need to enable the Send Automated Email Reply to Visitor option. Once enabled, you will be able to customize what email the visitor will get once they submit the form.


You can customize the email Subject line by editing the Email Subject field.

You can customize the email body, by editing the Email Message field. If you want to use submitted data in your auto reply email’s subject line or email body,  you can simply write the available shortcodes that appear in this section. Eg: [email_address], [full_name].  If you do not see these shortcodes, go back to the “Fields” section of the Form Settings panel and make sure all the fields have the “Field Name” option filled in.

These shortcodes are the ones that you set in each Field’s “Field Name” option. You can insert these shortcodes in your Email Message textarea field or in subject line and Brave will replace them with the values that the visitor inserted in the form when the email is sent to visitor.  So if your visitor have inserted “John Doe” in the “Full Name” field, the [fullname], will be replaced with “John Doe” in the email body when they arrive in visitor’s inbox.


Changing the Email’s “From” & “Reply-to” fields

You can change sent email’s “from” and “reply-to” values to anything you want by clicking the “gear” icon from the “Send Automated Email Reply to Visitor” tab. The changes you made through this tab will only change the settings for that form and not for the whole site or the other Brave forms.

From Name Field: By default Brave uses your WordPress Site Name that you set in Settings > General page of WordPress.

From Email Field: By default WordPress sets all sent email’s “from” field to wordpress@yoursite.com for better deliverity. Emails sent by Brave form sets this field to to your WordPress admin email address. If you have set your WordPress admin email to an email address with external domain like “me@gmail.com”, instead of using that Brave will automatically set it to  “info@yoursite.com”. You can override this by clicking the gear icon and changing it to anything you like. Make sure you the email address contains the domain name of your website. If you don’t, the sent emails may arrive in recipient’s spam folder.

Email Reply-to: You can change what the reply-to email address should be. This should always set to an actual email address where your users can contact you.