Integrate Ontraport

Step 1 : Login to your Ontraport Account.

Step 2 : From the top right  menu Click your profile icon and then click  Administration.


Step 3 : From the Administration page, click the Integrations menu from left and then click the Ontraport API instruction & Key Manager.


Step 4 : From the API Key Manager page, click the New Api Key button.


Step 5 : Fill out the From that appears in the next page.


Step 6 : Once the API is created you will be redirected to a new screen, where you should select the Contact Owner for all the contacts added by Brave. Set it to any of your Ontraport accounts and click Save.


Step7: You wll be back to the API Keys page, where you can copy the APP ID & API Key.


Step 8 : Paste the APP ID and the API Key in, Brave’s Ontraport integration section from Brave > Integrations page and click the Connect button.


Now when you add a Form and then go to the Form’s Action Settings and click the “Add user to a Newsletter Tab” you will be able to access the Ontraport Integration settings that will let you select the Ontraport List where you want to add the visitor to.