Saving Form Submissions in WordPress

With Brave PRO you can save submissions made by visitors through Brave forms to database. This is great for saving survey or quiz submissions, saving visitor feedback and locally storing newsletter subscribers/leads. You can view each entry submitted by visitors from Brave > Submissions.

To Save Form submissions of a Campaign, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open up your Campaign and make sure all the fields of your Forms have name fields are populated.

Step 2:  Click the Settings Menu from top and scroll down to Form Submissions section and enable the “Save Form Submissions of this Campaign in the Database” option.

Step 3: Save the Campaign.

Now when a visitor submits any of the forms inside the campaign, they can be viewed and exported from Brave > Submissions.


Submissions Interface

  • You can switch between different campaigns by clicking the arrow keys.
  • You can reorder and change what row appears by clicking the icon.
  • You can export all form submissions as a csv file by clicking the download icon.
  • Click the “Entry X” of each column to view the full entry.


A Sample Submission Entry

  1. Submission Title: By default the submission is saved with a default title which you can change by clicking the pencil icon.
  2. Form Fields: All the user submitted form field values.
  3. Submission Details: Brave automatically logs submission data, visitor’s country, ip, device they used, from which page the submission was made and the registered user detail (if any)
  4. Performed Automated Actions: Displays the status of all the automated actions you have configured in the Form settings.