How to embed Brave Content inside Posts & Pages

With Brave PRO, You can create embed Optin Forms, Survey forms, Banner ads, Custom Product Catalog, Video gallery and a lot more and embed them inside your WordPress Posts & Pages. You can also insert them anywhere that accepts shortcode. To embed them inside your post/page, you will have to create “Content” inside Brave.

      1.  First go to Brave > All Campaigns and click the + icon and then click the “New Content” and create your content from scratch or import from preset library.
      2. Save your Content and go back to “All Campaigns” screen.
      3. Your content will display a shortcode field which will look something like this: [bravepo p id=”736″ align=”center”]
  1. Copy the shortcode and then go to your the post or page edit screen where you want to display the content and insert the shortcode inside a Shortcode Block
  2. You can customize the shortcode’s align value. To align the content to left or right, replace center with right or left .
  3. If you wan to lock the content below your Brave Content so that the content becomes visible only after visitors, completes your campaign goal (clicks a button or submits a form), you can go to your Brave Content’s Settings screen and then enable the “Lock Content Below & Only Show When Goal is Completed” option. Then make sure you content has a goal set to it. Once you do that, your post/page’s content below the Brave content will be locked. It will only unlock when the goal is complete.


Displaying Content in your sidebar

To display the content like banner ads in your sidebar, You can paste the shortcode into a Text Widget. But make sure that the content width is not bigger than your Sidebar’s width. Usually, you should not make the content width more than 300px , if you want to display it in your sidebar.



If you want to lock your content, make sure your content goal is set to either Click or Form Submission.